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Auto-post Recurring Transactions

3/30/2009 in ClearCheckbook Updates
We have just added the ability to auto-post your recurring transactions. This will give you the ability to add recurring transactions to the site before they are scheduled to.

To use the Post Now feature, go to the Reminders/Recurring transactions page and you will see a "Post Now" link next to each reminder with an associated transaction. Click on that link and it will auto-post it to your register dated with whatever the reminder date is.

The reminder will still run on the scheduled day, but the transaction will not be posted since you already clicked the link.

Comments for this post:

Ooooo, I really like this.
I will be using this feature. Sometimes my recurring transactions come out of my account earlier than I have them scheduled for in ClearCheckbook so I used to have to post them and then delete the transaction when ccb added them or else just allow the ccb balances to be wrong for a while. This is a great new feature. Thanks!
by luxlioness on Mar 31, 2009
Thank you!!!
I put my check in and use the jive to determine what my balance will be after all of my Recurring Transactions and other bills have been entered. This just makes it that much easier to post it to the account without having to manually keep up with it!

Great addition!
by TechGuy on Mar 31, 2009
Great addition to this feature!
Thank you :)
by aliportico on Apr 1, 2009
Awesome Feature. Really gives an overall picture of upcoming expenses.
by stareja on May 26, 2009



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