Beta Testing iOS and Android app version 4.1

11/13/2020 in ClearCheckbook Updates

We just uploaded version 4.1 of the iOS and Android apps to our beta / testing channels in their respective app stores.

This update has many new features, settings, UX updates and bug fixes.

Major Updates for v4.1:
  • Payee auto-complete added
  • Settings page
    • Change the date format between mm/dd/yyyy, dd/mm/yyyy or yyyy-mm-dd
    • Option to have account balances appear in Account selector
    • Enable/disable custom fields (memo, payee, check num)
  • Search filter updates
    • Amount range filter
    • keyword search includes memo and payee fields now
  • Ability to search/filter Reminders and Bills
  • Click on Overall balances block at top of accounts to view all transactions
  • Ability to exclude credit cards from account balances
  • Improved transaction syncing
  • Various UX updates
  • Various bug fixes

If you aren't already a beta tester for the iOS or Android apps but would like to, you can opt into the beta programs here:

iOS: -

Android: -

We look forward to hearing your feedback!

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