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Beta testing the ClearCheckbook iOS app

6/29/2016 in ClearCheckbook Updates
We're aiming to open the iOS app to beta testers some time next week. If you'd like to help us test out the new app by providing feedback and testing for bugs, please EMAIL US with your email address. Don't post your email address in the comments below or in the support forums or it will be removed. Use the Contact Us form or email address at the bottom right side of the page instead.

You'll receive an invite to the beta program if you're needed.


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iOS App
Can we get an update on the testing?
by jodinmik on Jul 17, 2016
It's going good
I'm into my second week of testing. It's going pretty darned well. I've run across no snags at all. There are a few small items that are clunky (some drop-down menus cover other items), but I've passed those along and i'm certain they will be fixed soon. We've already had one update so I know they're moving fast
by Imfletch on Jul 20, 2016
Keeping everyone updated...
A second update has been issued. It solved most of the problems with drop-down menus covering other choices. Small things remain ( first letter of each entry should be capitalized ) and app should remember previous entries and auto-suggest entries, categories, etc. based on previous entries. That said, the app is working well and everyone should really like it when it is released for general use.
by Imfletch on Jul 24, 2016
Agree with Jim, the app is now starting to take shape. Very happy especially with the two updates within a short time, showing that the guys are really putting high priority on this now and feedback of beta testers is being taken very serious.

My first impression is that the initial release is covering the basic functionality for daily use of entering/editing transactions, reminders, accounts etc, but there is a lot of potential to build on this and expand the functionality of the app in the future. I'd especially love to see easy to use reports and statistics, which would be great to view on an ipad for instance.
by aodilikn on Jul 25, 2016
Third update
We just got the third update. Load times are MUCH faster. It still needs to remember previous entries and auto-suggest, but it's looking really, really good!!
by Imfletch on Aug 2, 2016



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