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Bill Tracker gets a Major Overhaul!

12/18/2011 in ClearCheckbook Updates
We have completely overhauled the Bill Tracker tool to make it more usable and useful for you. The Bill Tracker now works for bills that aren’t paid monthly by letting you set the bill in the same way you can create reminders. We have also upgraded the way the bills are displayed by color coding them based on when they’re due.

We’ve also tied the bill tracker and the reminders system together a little more. Now you can associate bills with reminders much easier. When you create a new bill or edit an existing one, you have the ability to have the system instantly create a reminder associated with the bill. You can decide right away whether you want to be notified and have the bill auto-post to your account or if you simply want to be notified so you can pay the bill manually.

As a premium member, you can now change the timeframe your bills are displayed for. By default you will see the next 30 days worth of bills but if you’re a premium member you can change this to 30, 60, 90 or 120 days. This should make it easier to plan for the future by seeing what bills will be due in the upcoming months.

A side effect of the new bills system is that some of your previously paid bills might show up as unpaid. If this happens, don’t worry, just click on the bill and click the Delete link. Next, click on the link to “Delete this due date.” This will remove the already paid bill from your list until it’s due next time.

We hope you enjoy the upgraded Bill Tracker. If you have any questions, comments or suggestions about the tool, please let us know through the comments or by contacting us via the link at the bottom right side of the page.

Comments for this post:

having issues
Working with Bill Tracker today, I am having issues deleting entries, or editing them.
by djbingham5113229 on Dec 19, 2011
re: having issues
You might need to refresh the page a few times to clear out your cache. Your browser most likely stored the old javascript file but the updated bills tool requires an updated one.

Contact us using the "Contact Us" link or email address at the bottom right side of the page if that doesn't fix the problem.
by SiliconTrance on Dec 19, 2011
Thanks so much
Thanks for this great improvement. I appreciate being able to enter bills that are due quarterly. I have an issue with Bill Tracker, too. I will try signing out and signing in again and using the suggestions given above. If that doesn't work, I will email you.
by Sommer1 on Dec 19, 2011
Add it to the API too!
Will it be possible to add, edit or delete bills through the API, the same way it can be done with reminders? That would definitely rock.

by ocurero on Dec 21, 2011
How can you use the Bill Tracker for credit card bill that are essentially transfers in ClearCheckbook?
by eseelke on Mar 21, 2012
Paid Date
When you post a reminder payment for the 30th, but today is the 22nd, the Bill Tracker posts it with the 22nd. Shouldn't it post it as the 30th? IE, I mean Bill Tracker says paid 0 days ago. Shouldn't it say will be paid in 8 days?
by eseelke on Mar 22, 2012
Bill Tracker
Why can't I add a payee to a Bill just as I do when I enter a reminder
by mike114125 on Apr 3, 2012
RE:Bill Tracker

When you actually pay the bill you can enter the full transaction details (payee, memo, check number, description, etc). The main fields for adding a new bill are simply the most basic ones available to keep things simple.
by Brandon on Apr 3, 2012
Bill Tracker for IPhone
Any idea if or when the Bill Tracker will be available on the Iphone app? I love it and could really use it on my phone since i don't always have access to a computer.
by MinaMoe on Aug 23, 2012
Bill tracker and bills that requires to be splitted

Trying to find the best practices with you. I will appreciate your return.

Context: for instance NET Service – monthly around $300, but for 3 different categories/sub-cat like $100 Home/Internet; 50 Home/phone; $150 leisure/cable tv.

My goal is to have historic control for this bill, have it correctly splitted and and not have the amount duplicated.

Is correct to do the following:
1a. Via Bill Tracker create the BILL with the total amount = $300, reminder with recurrent transaction.
1b. Via reminder tool : Keep the main amount($300) and blank in Category field. Split1,2,3 as described in the context with ots amount and category.
Please advice:
>> Q1. Should I keep the total amount and the amount for each split or not?
>> Q2. When to pay the bill
>>>>>>Q2a: If it happens on the due date: should pay it via Bill Tracker (that doesn´t show the split did via reminder) or should post it via reminder?
>>>>>>Q2b: If it happens early the due date: should pay it via Bill Tracker (that doesn´t show the split did via reminder) or should post it via reminder?
>>Q3. And if the amount changed, where to change via bill or at reminder?

If not, what is the best practice?
thank you so much. regards

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by Agostinho on Sep 8, 2012



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