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Change to the way you edit transactions

9/30/2009 in ClearCheckbook Updates
Editing transactions now takes place without the use of the long loading pop up box. When you click on a transaction to edit it, the edit form will appear directly under the transaction. This should increase load times and make things smoother.

If you edit multiple transactions at once, the edit form will appear at the bottom of the transaction list (above the Edit button).

Comments for this post:

Bugs with the editing transaction
I have tried this and on several occasions there seems to be a problem with it. Even after I edit the transaction, it will tell me that i "must enter a value" and not allow the edit. I have refreshed the screen several times and it will work on rare occasion....but it needs to be looked into just in case anyone else is getting this message.

by stareja on Oct 1, 2009
Just refresh your browser
Refresh your browser like 5x in a row really quick. Your browser has cached the old javascript file.
by Brandon on Oct 1, 2009
Mobile Site Problems?
Any word on updating the mobile version of the site to allow iPhone users to edit transactions again?
by ant513 on Oct 5, 2009
mobile site
the iPhone cached the old javascript. Just reload the page a few times and it should start working.
by SiliconTrance on Oct 5, 2009
Refresh explained
After much consternation, I have determined why the javascript error occurs. If you add a new transaction, then edit a transaction, you'll get the error. That's why the refresh works. If you go to your summary page and edit the transaction *without* clicking the add transaction button, it should work fine.

This should most certainly be fixed, but at least that narrows it down. I guess the javascript is looking for the first "amount" text box when validating, which is only loaded into the add transaction section once you click that button.

In fact, if you open the add transaction window and fill in some values (without submitting), then edit a transaction, the edited transaction will reflect the values you filled in the add section.

by jessethouin on Oct 7, 2009



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