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Checkbot Updated

1/2/2007 in ClearCheckbook Updates
There was a bug with CheckBot that was recently fixed. The problem was occurring when some people used text messages to update their accounts. They were getting flooded with 6 or 7 text messages after they would send their message off.

The reason this was happening is that some cell phones were sending additional messages to CheckBot and CheckBot was in return responding with a message saying it didn't understand the last message.

For some reason, some cellphone service providers find it necessary to send several messages saying "This was sent with a text message. You can respond and I'll get a text message in response." The messages varied, but the result was the same.

The fix was easy, we simply told CheckBot not to respond to any message it didn't understand that were over 10 characters long. For those of you who had experienced this problem, please try again and let us know if that fixed the issue.

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