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ClearCheckbook Android App beta version available to everyone

2/26/2017 in ClearCheckbook Updates
We got a lot of great feedback from our closed beta testing and have decided to open beta testing to anyone who wants to try the new version. Simply go to the ClearCheckbook MoneyManagement app in the Google Play store ( and you should see the option to download the new beta version. If not, you can directly download the beta app by clicking on the following link:

We hope to have the new version of the app released soon. Thanks in advance for your feedback!

Comments for this post:

Not sure of the easiest way to jive a new item entered. I am enertrring item the saving then reopen to jive. What am I doing wrong. Thanks
by rcollins001 on Feb 26, 2017
Re: Jive
You can jive a transaction when adding it by clicking the 'Jive' toggle on the Add Transaction form. It's to the right of the Date selector. By default it says 'Unjived'. If you click the toggle, the transaction will be jived when added.
by Brandon on Feb 26, 2017
Pretty disappointed -- specifics sent in via feedback, but I would've expected a much more quicker transaction entry, and the accounts page is full of lots of whitespace. It really just seems like a facelift on the aesthetics.
by MollyRealized on Feb 26, 2017
by MollyRealized on Feb 26, 2017



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