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ClearCheckbook Database Updates Completed

9/22/2011 in ClearCheckbook Updates
We have completed all of our database updates that we had been running over the last several nights. These updates were aimed at future-proofing our database by setting up some archives as well as taking a second look at our indexes and updating them appropriately. Between these two updates, we have cut our CPU and memory loads in half. You should definitely notice the site loading faster now.

A side effect some of you may see are a temporary error in your balances. If your balances seem off to you or they aren’t showing all of your accounts, simply click the Refresh Balances link located under your balances and they will be re-calculated for you.

Our next upgrade will be coming in the following weeks and will involve setting up an additional server to run in our environment. This will provide more redundancy and will also improve response time.

Thanks for your patience while we performed these updates. I know many of you were affected by some slow-downs or the site not loading, and we’re extremely sorry for that.

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Thank You
You guys are simply awesome. Thank you for getting this resolved so fast (for me it was only a small inconvenience). In all, I would guess it all occurred for a good reason: that CCB is growing so fast it takes more space & memory to safeguard our info. So kudos to CCB and everyone working behind the scenes for making it what it is today!
by PHishHead on Sep 23, 2011
Thank you
even though using this site a lot, didn't notice any disrupt whatsoever, thank you for your service :)
by tidzar on Sep 25, 2011
Limit watch
btw why in windows the limit watch gadget look bad, but in linux its fine? here's the capture screen in windows, thank you
by tidzar on Sep 25, 2011



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