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ClearCheckbook Introduces Bill Tracker Tool

1/26/2011 in ClearCheckbook Updates
We're proud to announce the release of a new Bill Tracker tool to our website. The Bill Tracker allows you to enter all monthly bills into the site. When you've paid one of the bills, you can let the system know and we'll keep track of when you last paid and for how much.

Premium members will also be able to view reports on their bill payments over time. This way you can see if you're paying more or less as time goes on for a specific bill. It's a great way to save money by seeing if you can lower your monthly bills.

We've also tied the Bill Tracker into the Reminders / Recurring Transactions tool. When you add a recurring transaction, you can identify it as being a Bill. When that recurring transaction gets added to the site, we'll update your bill tracker with the date and amount paid.

You can find the Bill Tracker by clicking on Tools at the top of the page and then click on Bill Tracker. We've also added a Dashboard Gadget that lets you see your bills and when they were last paid.

We hope you will take advantage of this new tool and use it in your arsenal to help manage your finances.

Some screenshots:

Comments for this post:

Great idea!
Just what I was wanting! I have been creating another account for them but now this is even better. Thank you!
by TechGuy on Jan 26, 2011
This is really amazing, just what I need to keep in order my bills.

by jlgalvanh on Jan 27, 2011
looks nice!
my bills get taken out of a checking account, which I usually import from csv. can I mark one of those transactions as being the bill payment?
by jones on Jan 29, 2011
I love the idea. The only issue I've got is that I like to know how much I'll have in my account at the end of the month, at the start of the month. So I currently have to pay all my bills on the first day of the month to get an accurate figure.
by MJRoberts55 on Jan 30, 2011
Hi Again!
Hi, I am already using the bill tracker, but, I have a little problem. I have some bills that pay every 2 months, so, if I put it in the bill tracker, it will appear every month, even when I dont need to pay it.

Also, when I add a recurring transaction, I dont see the option to mark as a bill, is already implemented (as you comment in the post)?

Thanks in advance!!!!
by jlgalvanh on Jan 31, 2011
ditto, I'm not seeing it in the recurring transactions section . . . even after clearing my cache.
by caprater on Feb 3, 2011
You have to have bills added to the site before they show up in the recurring transactions area.

You can see a screenshot here:
by Brandon on Feb 3, 2011
It shows up for me when I click into "Reminders / Recurring Transactions" then click "Add Transaction" and it should be a drop down menu "Associate with a Bill?" assuming you already set up your bills in the "bill tracker" first. My problem is I can't add a transaction through "Reminders / Recurring Transactions" on any specified date. I go through all the steps like usual and click "Add Reminder" but it wont show up. Ive been trying for two days.
by ERIC720 on Feb 3, 2011
The issue with adding reminders that don't have a bill associated with it should be fixed.
by Brandon on Feb 3, 2011
Bill Track

Nice feature but also have some bills paid every two weeks each month and every two months.
by Ray001 on Feb 3, 2011
Bill Tracker
Once I enter a bill into my register from bill tracker it doesn't reschedule the bill to the next month - it keeps the same date.
by Ray001 on Feb 4, 2011
Bill Tracker
The feature is very close to what I need. However, I want an option for the Bill to show up as a reminder, but NOT actually add it to the register until I post it. Transactions that get added on specific dates raise heck with the actual balance if I haven't actually paid the bill yet...
by kurmujjin on Feb 4, 2011
Bill Tracker
You guys have a fantastic product here. Don't want that fact to get lost while I'm making suggestions.

One more thing with the Tracker is that if you allow for a bill that is due on a given date that does NOT post automatically as I suggested earlier, then an overdue indicator might be a help in prioritizing unpaid bills.

Other folks may get all of their bills paid on time, but I seem to often be running near the hairy edge...
by kurmujjin on Feb 4, 2011
Bill Tracker

This is a great feature. Is it not possible to edit the amount in the bill tracker page?

What I have done is setup all me recurring transations with a budget amount for the associated bills. Then I enter them all at one time depending on their pay date. For example, I have a list of bills due to be paid from my mid-month pay. So about the 10th of each month I enter all my recurring transactions for the 15th. Then I update the actual payment amount in the register. So the electric bill is budgeted for $350/month. This month it was only $310 so I make the adjustment in the register. How do this get tied to the bill tracker?

Thank you,
by acr_scout on Feb 5, 2011
Bills not Shown in Chronological Order
Can you add an option to sort the bills on the Bill Tracker Widget to sort by Date?

Or Just have them automatically sorted by date.

Right now mine are in the following order:

If they are in order it is simple to glance at the widget and see what bill is coming up next.
by momar33 on Feb 10, 2011
I second that. It would be nice to have it sorted by date.
by ERIC720 on Feb 17, 2011
bill tracker broken? 2 nov 2011
is bill tracker broken? i've entered a new bill 3 times and i continually get an error telling me that no bills have been added. I'm using the widget that has the name of the bill, amount, payment date, notes then I click Add Bill and nothing happens.
by stacysaw on Nov 2, 2011

It's working fine for us. When you enter the amount, just make sure you're not putting $ sign or , (thousand separators) in the number and see if that fixes your problem.
by Brandon on Nov 2, 2011
Bill Tracker vs Reminder with Recurring Transactions
OK - all my bills have been entered as Reminders with Recurring Transactions for years.

I think that Bill Tracker MIGHT be what I want, but does that mean I have to RE-ENTER all my bills (I don't see any way to select it as a bill in existing or new reminders with transactions)?

If I have to re-enter them, is there a way to print a report of the existing Reminders/Transactions?

Is there a way to Export/Import existing reminders/transactions in case Bill Tracker doesn't work out and I want to go back?
by Bugbee on Mar 18, 2013



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