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ClearCheckbook Introduces the Auto-Jive Tool!

1/4/2012 in ClearCheckbook Updates
We released a new tool today that will make it easier to reconcile your accounts. The Auto-Jive tool lets you upload CSV, QIF, OFX and QFX files to the site that contain cleared transactions from your bank or financial institution. We then search through your transaction register and find matching transactions. Once matches are found, you can easily jive those transactions.

The Auto-Jive tool has adjustable filters so you can change the search criteria. By default we search for the exact amount and transactions that are within three days of each other. You can easily change these to find transactions that might have taken longer to post than the default.

We’ll also let you know if there are any transactions that don’t match so you can investigate why. If they simply haven’t been added to your register yet, you can easily import them into your account.

Auto-Jive is available to all premium members and can be found by clicking on Tools at the top of the page and then click on the “Auto-Jive Your Transactions” link.

Comments for this post:

I love this new feature. However, it would be even awesomer if the Auto-Jive page also included the Payee field. I rarely use the description field since I became a premium member.
by hollister on Feb 16, 2012
Great tool!
I have a request that could be considered auto-jiving though. I have a couple of cash accounts that will always be jived (since they are for cash paid out of hand). It would be nice to have a way to mark an account auto-jive so that this is done automatically.

Thanks for the great product!!!
by mdwyer on Apr 5, 2012



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