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ClearCheckbook iOS app update looking for beta testers

3/5/2018 in ClearCheckbook Updates
We're currently testing a new version of the ClearCheckbook iOS app that includes the Bill Tracker and Report tools plus many other fixes. If you're interested in helping us beta test the new version of the app please use the Contact Us form at the bottom right side of the page and send us an email containing the email address associated with your iTunes account.

The new version is simply an update to the existing version and will not remove any of your existing transactions or data.


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iOS beta testing
I would like to participate in the ios beta app testing.
by bbodine111 on Mar 8, 2018
I was a previous Beta Tester
Ill Test again, itunes-
by Dre2068 on Apr 6, 2018
Beta iTunes
by Henren55 on Jul 25, 2018



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