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ClearCheckbook Money Management Android App Updated

6/21/2011 in ClearCheckbook Updates
We have updated the ClearCheckbook Money Management app for Android so it's more optimized for Honeycomb tablets. This update also issues a fix so when you hit the enter button in a text field, it will take you to the next form input instead of submitting a return in the text box.

We're working on some more Honeycomb optimizations and will be releasing those in the near future.

Comments for this post:

Still show amount in Euro
The android app is still showing amount in Euro when french language is selected.
In Quebec we speek french but our currency is in dollard.
They know about this for about a year now but they do nothing.
by ckeckpat001 on Jun 24, 2011
When in the world are you going to update the iPhone app???
by bpyoung83 on Jun 30, 2011
Thank you! This fixed the app on HTC Sensation! Now it's displayed on the entire screen :)
by cosimo.milani on Jul 1, 2011
How about and iPhone update?
Please update the iPhone app...I would gladly pay for it, if you can update, or else I will be looking for another digital checkbook solution...
by thepterodactyl on Jul 6, 2011



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