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ClearCheckbook Reporting Gets an Overhaul

10/24/2011 in ClearCheckbook Updates
We've spent some time going through and updating most of the reports on ClearCheckbook to make them more useful. We've switched to a new method of generating the reports that now makes them interactive. Simply hover over your reports and you can get detailed information about the spending or saving.

We have also updated the overall reports to take currency conversions into account. The overall spending vs. saving report will now convert all currencies to your global currency for display purposes.

The following reports received the upgrade today:
- Accounts (Line, Bar and Advanced)
- Category (Pie)
- Custom Reports
- Report Dashboard Gadget

We have also re-worked the way the report data is generated, so it should help speed up viewing the reports as well.

Comments for this post:

kewl fix for gadget
i see you've fix the budget gadget, thx
by tidzar on Nov 3, 2011



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