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ClearCheckbook Server is Finally Upgraded!

7/30/2009 in ClearCheckbook Updates
We are finally back up and running on our main server. Our main server has been upgraded to 12 GB of ram and dual 1.5 TB hard drives. It has also been moved to a new hosting facility that offers more bandwidth than our previous one.

Sorry to all of those who experienced the SSL issues during this transition. Everything should be resolved now and you should hopefully notice an improvement in load times for the site.

The only known bug that might have occurred is some of the reminders may not have been run while on the temporary server. If you had a recurring transaction set to hit between July 25 and July 30, I would suggest double checking to make sure the transaction was posted to your account.

Comments for this post:

It was a little rocky, and as mentioned in the update post above I had to use the manual post feature for a couple of reminder transactions,

But all-in-all the site seems "zippier," "snappier" and very responsive now! Thanks.
by jamesniem on Jul 30, 2009
Google Widget
Is the Google Widget supposed to be working too? Mine is down.
by geekiemommie on Jul 30, 2009
Thanks for the upgrade, now the site is really fast!

btw, check the widget for mac, gives some error messages!

Keep up the good work!
by arkitetto on Jul 30, 2009
RE: Google Widget
Here is what displays for me on my Google Widget: org.apache.shindig.common.xml.XmlException: The markup in the document following the root element must be well-formed. At: (2,2)
by joelankow on Jul 30, 2009
This site loads extremely fast!! Great work Brandon!!

by TechGuy on Jul 30, 2009
Google gadget should be back up and running now
I'm glad to hear everyone has noticed a little increase in speed. Also, the google gadget is back up and running.
by Brandon on Jul 30, 2009
Need for Speed
This upgrade is just what the doc ordered. The site loads quickly and posting transactions is sooooo much better.

by taussery on Jul 31, 2009
New User
I'm so glad I ran across this site - it's just what I was looking for as an online replacement for microsoft money. Thanks - love it so far!
by kmh3602 on Aug 18, 2009
I agree with kmh3602. I used MS Money (trial version) and it was very very good for my needs but now i'm happy that the trial ended because ClearCheckBook is SO much better!
by jvieira on Aug 20, 2009
The GTalk checkbok hast been offline for me for a couple of weeks now (I think). Could that be related to the upgrade / is anyone else having the same problem?

(Tried the Yahoo! bot instead but that one seems also offline. ICQ is online but replies with exceptions for "invalid characters" like åöä, so I'm not really keen on using it)

Otherwise the site seems a lot faster since the upgrade, good work!
by adara on Aug 24, 2009
the admins dont talk about the bot round these parts. some work, some don't. I guess that's as good as we're gonna get, cuz an explanation sure isn't a possibility. apparently
by loogie on Aug 27, 2009
The Future of
I am an avid user of and absolutely love your current setup. I like the idea of the mobile site as well, but it also has drawbacks, especially for BB users. I realize your current brand positioning is that of an online service provided at little to no cost. I believe this company could make a transition into Mobile applications . I believe if you created an application for mobile phones, BB and Iphone users would surely pay a nominal fee to purchase your software. This type of a move may even catch the eye of Google and put you into a position to bought at a high market value. I would love to be able to open an app up on my BB, enter my transactions and then have them sync'd to my clearcheckbook account.

I realize that you sort of offer this with "Clearcheckbot" which is currently down btw. I've attempted for a few days to txt the bot using my phone and I do not see him logged onto aim either. I hope this is an idea you will consider and seriously think of the profits. Selling software at 7-10 dollars an app and the user will see your premium accounts and be drawn to purchase them. Think it over, I believe it would be a great move for this already amazing site
by derek068 on Sep 8, 2009



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