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ClearCheckbook V4 is Coming Soon!

1/14/2015 in ClearCheckbook Updates
We're recording the video tutorials and putting the finishing touches on the V4 update. The V4 update includes a site-wide redesign from the ground up which aims to make all the tools, settings and functions of the site more uniform. In addition to the redesign we also added over 30 new features and tweaks to the site.

After we launch this huge update to ClearCheckbook we're going to go back and focus our attention on all of the mobile apps which are in desperate need of attention as well.

We'll post more information on the exact launch date in the next week or two. Stay tuned!

Comments for this post:

"Search transactions" and https missing
Hi guys, first of all let me say that you're doing great! ClearCheckbook is becoming better and better! :)

...however, I just started testing the v4 website and I found out two drawbacks: the "Search transaction" link in "Transaction Summary" (aka "Register" tab) is gone, and the new website is not encrypted...are you planning to remove these two features? They're very important for me...

Keep up with your great work!
by michelerp on Feb 1, 2015
Yeah, I tried the new site and it works well from what I could tell. I can't continue using it until it gets encryption, though.
by twim7693 on Feb 2, 2015
v4 sneak peak banner still showing
Clicking the link, "No, don't show this notification again" on the v4 sneak peak banner does not work.
by ab4scherer on Feb 13, 2015



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