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9/24/2009 in ClearCheckbook Updates
As the first step in making ClearCheckbook more user friendly and easier to use, I have released a new visual layout and color scheme to the site. The home page now features a slideshow of some of the most important aspects of the site and makes it easier to sign up for ClearCheckbook and easier for existing users to log in.

The next thing to get an overhaul will be the way the site is laid out once you're logged in. I want to make it easier for everyone to figure out how to use the site and to be able to fully grasp all the tools ClearCheckbook has to offer.

Let us know what you think of the updated colors in the comments below!

Comments for this post:

looks great
Looks really good. The site just keeps getting better. Thanks
by scottsacha on Sep 24, 2009
NICE! It's so clear and easy to use. Thank you :)
by christol on Sep 24, 2009
holy facelift batman!
by cowbe0x004 on Sep 24, 2009
Wow ! Nice look!
by TechGuy on Sep 24, 2009
Wicked! :D
by dilrukrocks on Sep 25, 2009
Reminds me of how started out, one thing they have always been lacking is a check register though! Glad to see the improvements, keep up the good work!
by kevinleclair on Sep 25, 2009
BIG Improvement!!
Thanks Brandon!
by jamesniem on Sep 25, 2009
Nice improvement
Looks nice and matches my company colors. :-)
by Leshabs29 on Sep 25, 2009
a definite improvement
by victoralopez.old.1347660469 on Sep 25, 2009
pie chart slow
pie chart takes a day and half to load now ;) might want to take a peak at that report. it's the number one report i use.
by dihicoder on Sep 25, 2009
great job!
by Islandguys on Sep 25, 2009
When I first saw the site today, it just brought a smile to my face. Good job!
by rlorenzo on Sep 25, 2009
Very awesome! It looks so much better. Glad to see the original color scheme back.
by foxdie on Sep 28, 2009



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