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Currency and CSV Importing Updates

1/3/2011 in ClearCheckbook Updates
We have fixed an issue that was preventing currency conversions to take place in the search results. This has been taken care of and will now accurately convert to the global currency if you're using multiple currencies and they both appear in the search results.

We've also updated the functionality for CSV imports so they can better handle uploads from Buxfer. If you are importing CSV files that you exported from Buxfer, you'll need to remove the first line of the CSV file before importing it into ClearCheckbook (It should say something like: "All transactions for your_buxfer_login"). After that, please refer to the image below that displays what fields to match up with the Buxfer CSV file.

How to import CSV Files to ClearCheckbook from Buxfer

Comments for this post:

currency not there yet...
unfortunately the currency conversion is still not working.
On all reports, if u have accounts with various currencies, the report just adds up everything ie 1$ +1€ = 2€ !!! (wishful thinking btw! ;-) )

tks for trying...
by FrankyL on Jan 4, 2011
btw, in buxfer you can change the number format from 1,234.56$ to 1.234,56$, which I did. the import feature then registeres 1.234,56$ as 1$. (Guess this is a bug on buxfer's side, why should they export the delimiter, but oh well..)
by jones on Feb 19, 2011



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