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First 3rd Party Add-on Developed for!

11/6/2007 in ClearCheckbook Updates
This little add-on is aimed at those of you who are frequent users of the command line. The add-on interfaces with the Google Talk CheckBot and allows you to execute withdrawals, deposits and transfers, but without having to sign into Google Talk. There's more though, it even has an offline support mode!

Here's the official description from the developer's website:

This small script allows you to add transactions to your account without having to fire up a browser windows/tab. It uses the Google Talk Bot of CCB to do this and hence you will need to enable Google Talk setup on CCB. The script also supports offline mode of operation so if the script cannot connect to the server or you work in offline mode (-o), the script writes the transaction to a local file. The next time it is invoked to connect to the server, it sends the old transactiont too to the server.

Requires the Net::XMPP Perl module. To use, rename to script to . To configure the script, open it in an editor and edit the following:

  • Set your Google Talk username for the $username variable

  • Set the password associated with that username as the $password variable.

  • Change $offlineFile to point to your offline file. Make sure that the permissions allow the script to write into it.

  • perl -h gives you the usage

To download the latest version of the add-on, download it here.

Thanks Srijith for your work!

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