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Introducing ClearCheckbook Investment Portfolio

5/11/2012 in ClearCheckbook Updates
ClearCheckbook Investment Portfolio
We're happy to release a new tool today called the Investment Portfolio. The Investment Portfolio helps you track your various stocks and mutual funds so you can watch your gains over time. Included with the Investment Portfolio tool is a new gadget so you can watch these same investments from your Dashboard.

To get started, simply enter any stocks or mutual funds you've purchased. You'll just need to enter the date purchased, number of shares, purchase price per share and any commission. We'll use this data to calculate a Cost Basis that we'll use to compare with the Market Value so you can track your gains.

The Investment Portfolio is available to all members who have upgraded to our Premium Membership. The new tool can be found by clicking on the Tools menu and then click on the Investment Portfolio link.

Note: All investment data is provided by Yahoo! Finance and is delayed by 20 minutes.

Comments for this post:

Way to go
Shouldn't I get a free trial for coining this feature over a year ago in the new feature tool :-D

This was the only feature besides more budgeting options this site really missed, so way to go!
by pzontrop on May 31, 2012
trx not jived
sorry if this is wrong place to post, but it replied faster :D

transaction is not jived automatically, even when entering transaction, i already check the option "jive transaction"

by tidzar on Jun 7, 2012



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