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iPhone App Development Update w/ screenshots

5/24/2010 in ClearCheckbook Updates
I'd like to take a minute and give a status update in regards to the ClearCheckbook iPhone app. The developer we hired has been working extremely hard to get the app working to the specs we requested.

Pretty much all of the features are up and working in the app now. We're just getting the finishing touches put on it now (making the app look visually a nicer and fixing some formatting and bugs). We hope to have the app ready to submit to the App Store in 2 more weeks at the latest.

Here are some screenshots of the app as it stands right now:

Login Page
Login Page

Account Overviews Page
Account Overviews

Transactions Page
Transactions Page

Spending Limits Page
Spending Limits

Reminders Page
Reminders Page

Reports Page
Reports Page

Comments for this post:

Looks Great
This looks great! Can't wait to try it!!
by xjoslinx on May 24, 2010
Add Transaction
Are we going to be able to add a transaction from the iphone app? I use the website to enter them so I don't have to track the receipt then I throw it away.

Great work Brandon!

by TechGuy on May 24, 2010
Adding Transactions
Yes, you'll be able to add transactions. That's what the + sign is down in the tab bar.
by Brandon on May 24, 2010
Reconciled Transactions.
This is looking great. Can you reconcile transactions from the phone? Also, on the transactions screen, do you have to select transaction to show more details? Is that where you would reconcile the transaction? Thanks... Looking forward to getting this going on my iphone.. Its going to be hard to beat the mobile site that you already have going, but it will be much quicker i am sure.
by cchandler5022 on May 25, 2010



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