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iPhone App Submitted

6/20/2010 in ClearCheckbook Updates

The iPhone app has been submitted. Now it's in Apple's hands to determine when it'll show up in the App Store.

The app is completely free to use. You can sign into the app with your existing login credentials for the site and all of your data will be synced to your phone.

Comments for this post:

Great news can't wait to download it, thanks for all the hard work
by sandovalta on Jun 21, 2010
That's good, but...
... don't invest all resources in the iPhone stuff. There are a lot of feature-requests for the website, as well as bug fixes are needed. There are also huge enhancement potentials for the website.... just have a look into the forum. When was the last upgrade of the website???
by Markus on Jun 21, 2010
Great news
Really looking forward to this app. Thanks so much!
by ctfeet on Jun 21, 2010
I look forward to this app. Thank you !
by TechGuy on Jun 21, 2010
Happy to hear that! Just curious if the app UI is limited to the iPhone, or if it will dynamically "upscale" to the iPad screen size?
by kwestby on Jun 21, 2010
Every iPhone app can be used on the iPad. But why would you when the website works beautifully on the iPad?
by Randy_Reid on Jun 21, 2010
Thank you!
This is great! Thank you for all of your hard work!!
by Islandguys on Jun 21, 2010
Nice work guys! By the way, Markus mobility is huge. I would say it's more important that website enhancements.
by ja3hawk on Jun 23, 2010
Looking forward to it. Happy to pay a few bucks for it if you decide to charge.
by amro on Jun 23, 2010
Its all good
ja3hawk, i agree rolling out the app is important, but i would have to disagree with the fact that its MORE important than site upgrades/enhancements. Not everyone needs the mobility that some require. Some people are more visual than others, in other words they need/want to see the full picture with all the nuts & bolts in one place.
For example, I subscribe to the digital edition of my local newspaper & read it online daily
(but get the actual paper on sundays). It is the exact replica of the actual paper. A lot of my friends have commented that its just not the same as actually holding the paper in your hand & manually flipping through pages. I, personally, have gotten used to it over time.
I wouldnt consider myself extremely tech savvy and i dont work in the IT field, but i would consider myself to know more than the AVERAGE person just from experience. I use SMS & Google Chat to enter transactions into CCB and that is suffice for me.

Right now, yes I guess the app is of the upmost importance due to the fact that so many clients have been anticipating it for so long, but there are still glitches on the site that are pretty important as well. Brandon and his team have a lot on their shoulders. It is a small company with limited financial resources due to the fact that he has decided to make it a free program, unless you choose to upgrade to a premium membership, which i have. Do i need the premium membership? No. But i like to support local (in our country atleast) small biz and really feel this is THE BEST personal finance site on the net. I would like to see it succeed and grow. that is why i upgraded to something i dont necessarily NEED.
by PHishHead on Jun 23, 2010
Does it matter?
Does it really matter now that it's complete people? You guys are making a mountain out of a mole hill.

Move on. He's doing great things with the site and this is just 1 of many that I'm sure is to come.

Thank again Brandon!

by TechGuy on Jun 24, 2010
iPhone App
I sure wish Apple's App Store would hurry up and get the Clear Checkbook app posted. I can't wait to download it. Also, I love the software. It's awesome.
by swade89 on Jun 26, 2010



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