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Issue with the Reminders / Recurring Transactions Resolved

7/1/2010 in ClearCheckbook Updates
There had been a glitch in the Reminders / Recurring transactions script that was causing any recurring transactions to be marked as Posted without actually being added to your account.

The glitch has been fixed and all recurring transactions should post as normal from now on. We will be closely monitoring the reminders to ensure it continues to behave without any more issues.

To get your transactions to post, you can enter them manually or send us a Contact message (bottom right side of the page) and have us reset your "Posted" status so you can click "Post Now" next to the reminders that didn't post.

Again, we are sorry it took so long to track the issue down, but everything should be back to normal now.


Comments for this post:

When are you going to have an app for Black Berry?
by gdeloyola on Jul 15, 2010
This had been an intermittent problem for a while. Glad you guys tracked it down!
by xdavemanx on Jul 27, 2010
I have had two recurring transactions that did not register to my checking account. I'm confused, shouldn't it automatically show up on the date it was set?
by fabnikita on Dec 30, 2010
I mistakenly clicked Post Now on a reminder transaction so it says Posted! How do I get it back to Post Now? The transaction isn't supposed to happen until November 30, 2023. Thanks.
by ClearMark on Nov 1, 2023



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