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It's About Time... Version 2 Upgrade Released!

10/29/2007 in ClearCheckbook Updates
The latest version of ClearCheckbook has finally been released. This version introduces an incredibly large number of new features, updates, and visual enhancements which will all lead to making your ClearCheckbook experience more productive.

Here's a breakdown of some of the new features and major updates that have been made to the site:

  • Recurring Transactions - This had been one of the most requested features that people wanted added to the site. Well, now it's here and it's working great. The recurring transactions are now tied into the reminders system, which has also been updated. Simply enter when you would like your transaction to take place and whether or not it's repeating and we'll take care of the rest.

  • Updated Reminders - We've now added many more options for how your reminders can repeat. Now bi-weekly, bi-monthly, every 3, 4, and 6 months are all options you can choose from. The interface to the reminders system has also been upgraded.

  • Split Transactions - This was also another highly requested feature by our members. Splits work just like you'd expect them to. Simply enter your transaction and tell us you want to split it and we break it out so you can enter amounts/categories for each split. There's no limit to the number of splits you can make either.

  • "Quick Adding" - We've given you the ability to add new transactions directly from the main accounts summary page. Now there's no need to go to a separate page to add your transactions (although we still give you that option)

  • Jiving / Balancing - The way you reconcile your checkbook has also been completely revamped. Instead of having a dedicated page for jiving transactions, you can now mark a transaction as jived (cleared) directly from the main accounts summary page. In addition to this, you can also set your view options to view only cleared/uncleared transactions for all accounts or specific accounts. This will make finding uncleared transactions much easier.

  • Credit Card Transactions - The credit card system has been updated to make it easier to select the transactions you're paying off and see how much your balance is. Also, once you "pay off" a credit card for a month, the old transactions you just paid do not disappear... they remain in your transaction list so you can still see them for historical reasons.

  • Exporting of Transactions - You can now export to QIF format. Why is this such a nice feature? Well, that means you can export all your transactions and then re-import them directly into ClearCheckbook without having to manually enter them all. Exporting in this format also retains split transactions.

  • Reports - The reports tool has also been overhauled to give you a much better picture of your spending / saving. We have new graphs that you can view, which tell you much more information than the previous reports.

  • CheckBot 2.0 - CheckBot has also been completely re-written from the ground up. In addition to being much more stable, CheckBot can now accept messages from SMS/Text Message, AIM, ICQ, MSN, Yahoo! and Google Talk messaging systems.

  • Site Help - The help section of the site has also been updated to make finding answers to your questions much easier.

  • No Confirmation Email Needed - Instead of requiring a confirmation link be clicked in an email, we simply require that you click a link on the page after registering (although we'll still send you the email with the confirmation link)

  • Advanced Transaction Editing Features - In keeping with our new theme of reducing the amount of unnecessary pages to visit to perform simple tasks, the transaction editing form appears directly below a transaction in the transaction list itself.

  • Importing The importing section got a major facelift. You can now import transactions that you had previously exported from ClearCheckbook! In addition to that, you can also import QIF files that contain valid splits.

  • Auto-Completion for descriptions - When adding new transactions, we will offer suggestions of previous transactions that match what you're typing.

  • International Settings - We have completely updated the way currency and date formatting are handled. You can now select from many different date and currency formatting options and set your site defaults.

In addition to all of these new features and updates, we still offer the same great experience we always have. The site is still completely free to use and we never ask for any account information and never send you any junk mail or give out any of your personal information.

There are a few features which unfortunately weren't able to be updated in time, such as the new Budgeting system, but that should be available to use some time over the next few weeks.

Like the new features? Then help us spread the word about it! Submit the site to Digg and other social sites, blog about us, tell your friends, etc. This new version just goes to show that as the site gets bigger it also gets better.

What's next for ClearCheckbook? Well, that's a very good question. We already have several new ideas in the pipe line that should be appearing over the next few months. These new updates also promise to make the site even better.

Thanks for all your support. Please feel free to let us know what you think of the site by sending us a contact message or by posting it in the blog.

Comments for this post:

I love it!!
This is amazing. When I logged into day I had a pleasant suprise. Great job and keep up the good work.
by Kryptinite on Oct 29, 2007
Great features
Love the new features but some of the numbers are all of a sudden really really wrong on my accounts overview and there is nothing in the entries to make it so wrong. Is anyone else having problems?
by kain989 on Oct 29, 2007
Turns out the initial balances are being treated as deposits.
by kain989 on Oct 29, 2007
Very awesome update! I was eyeing another checkbook website but I could never turn my back on CC, especially now :D
by foxdie on Oct 29, 2007
Excellent work
Many kudos for the great work. ClearCheckbook makes my financial life simpler, and now it does it with style.
by habibbijan on Oct 29, 2007
Dashboard Widget
Would the changes that have been made be having an effect on the OS X Dashboard Widget? It hasn't been working and I notice that it isn't mentioned on the website at this time.

In other news: kudos. The changes look excellent. I'm especially enjoying the Quick Add and Jive Statement all on the same screen.
by tastypopsicle on Oct 29, 2007
The widget should still be functioning properly. That code wasn't changed at all.

It's loading fine for me on my dashboard.
by Brandon on Oct 29, 2007
These new features are awesome by the way.

When adding an entry, I noticed that there are THREE separate transaction types: deposit, withdrawal and transfer.

My suggestion is that you add a transfer column to the accounts overview section in addition to the deposit, withdrawal and balance columns. Also, it would be cool if you could separate the transfers from the deposits and withdrawals in the line graphs of the reports page as well.

It's just that including the transfers in the accounts overview and reports causes the deposits and withdrawals to much greater than they really are. It doesn't give an accurate picture of where the money is coming from and going to.
by edge333 on Oct 29, 2007
Thanks for Your Work
I wanted to let you know that I truly appreciate this website and the work that you have poured into it. Offering something like this for free is truly great as I would happily pay for a service this nice and continually updated. I just joined on October 25, so the new features that came just 5 days later were a great surprise! I really like the recurring transactions as almost all my bills are paid automatically and the text messaging feature is great because my wife and I can both see our budgets and make entries. This has improved our communication about our finances and we're not always hounding each other about receipts or transactions.

Thanks again and I wil be talking about this to my friends.
by travismay on Oct 30, 2007
The new look is awesome. I have been looking at various online offerings and CC is best so far. My paypal donation is on the way and thanks for the great work.
by pprasant on Oct 30, 2007
Love the new features
The new features are great, especially the ability to jive on the account page. I don't see the account limit above my accounts any more though and I liked that a lot. Is there something I need to turn on to see it?
by tbomsta on Oct 31, 2007
Incredible. Thank you so much. You're changing my financial life for the better.
by carlyearnshaw on Oct 31, 2007
Your site is the best
I've been using the site for 6 months and love all the features. Thank you.
by Fman99 on Oct 31, 2007
Wow. You have added every feature I liked about Money, without the added crap that took forever to load. Thank you for your time and effort. hopefully, as my programming skills improve, I can help you in the maintenance.

by davidmillard on Nov 3, 2007
Advanced transactions
It would be really useful if you could see a balance projection taking into account any repeating transactions. Maybe an option like being able to include future repeating transactions to a specific date in the account summary and balances? That way it is possibe to see how much money is left after taking into account that months committments.

Otherwise this is a great free tool!

by ajaybb on Nov 5, 2007
I agree
Great update! Have been looking forward to this for a few months!

I agree with Ajay in the comment above. Having that feature would be very useful.

by clint on Nov 5, 2007
Saving Targets
Hi there!

I'm a new user, still trying to figure out how to use all the features, but I love this site! One suggestion I have is related to your spending limit feature. I'd like to be able to include a monthly savings target that would show a percentage based on deposits to it, rather than expenditures. Currently, the tool only includes withdrawals.

I will be making a donation shortly to help keep the site going and ad-free! Everyone should use a tool like this!

~ Orvette
by madgehart on Dec 31, 2007



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