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It's Getting Closer...

10/23/2007 in ClearCheckbook Updates
As I said last week, I was planning on releasing Version 2 some time this week. Well, I am fairly confident that I can now pick an exact time the site will be released. I'm planning on making the switch from V1 to V2 on the night of Sunday, October 28th. I know that's not quite "Mid October" as I had promised back at the end of August, but we're trying to make sure everything is working correctly before we release the site.

In the transition between versions, the site will be unavailable for up to an hour or two. This is partly why we picked Sunday night to make the switch, as it's typically our least busy time period.

I'll post more details as to the exact time and duration of the switch later in the week.

Also, it looks like we're right on track to hit the 1,000,000th transaction some time before Friday!

Stay tuned!

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Can't Wait
Been using CC for about 4 or 5 months now and I can't live without it! I'm counting down until the launch of v2! Long awaited features in this release!

by txcrew on Oct 28, 2007



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