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Mac OS X Dashboard widget for ClearCheckbook

3/14/2007 in ClearCheckbook Updates
As part of the constant effort to make your finances readily available to you and to let you know whether or not you can afford that new toy you've wanted... We're proud to announce the Official ClearCheckbook Mac OS X Dashboard Widget.

Mac OS X Dashboard Widget Screenshot

Mac OS X Dashboard Widget Screenshot.

With this new widget, you can quickly and easily see your account overviews at any time simply by loading up Dashboard on your Apple computer. Similar to the Google Homepage gadget, you can see your account overview as well as a breakdown of all of your accounts.

To install and set up the dashboard widget, you can start by downloading it in .dmg or .zip format. After downloading and opening one of those files, double click on the ClearCheckbook Widget. After the widget is installed, flip it over and enter your account information (username and password). After you enter your password and click "Done" your password is encrypted and your data will be retrieved.

The widget will update every 15 minutes when you open dashboard, plus there is a refresh button on the back of the widget so you can manually refresh it whenever you would like.

Try it out and let us know what you think!

Comments for this post:

been testing it out! this is great!
by on Mar 16, 2007
Pretty please
There's a feature related to this that would make the software hugely more valuable for me.

Create a widget that lets me add entries. Seeing how much money I have at any given time is cool, but it's not usually changing by the second. Being able to come home, bring up dashboard and add my entries for the day without having to launch a browser would be HUGE.

by on Jul 9, 2007



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