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Major Update: New and Improved Reports

3/5/2007 in ClearCheckbook Updates
The reports were the original reason people wanted me to create this website. When I showed some screenshots of the reports I had set up, they convinced me to move the site from my home computer and personal use and open it up to anyone to use.

Updated Reports Screenshot

Updated Reports screenshot.

As time went on, more and more people joined the site and the time it took to generate the reports grew and grew. We tried to implement a few other changes that would cut back on the load time by letting you generate your reports when you wanted to, but even that took a very long time.

Last week we did some brain storming and developed a new way to handle the reports. This new method actually keeps track of the the total amounts for each month so it doesn't have to generate them each time you reload the page. This brings a tremendous improvement in speed to the site. Now, instead of minute long load times for the generation of reports, the reports are created in less than half a second.

In addition to the blazing speed of the new reports, the look got a bit of a facelift and we added the different accounts to the reports. Now, in addition to seeing your categories, you can see all your accounts and how much you deposited or withdrew from each account for each month.

A few other great additions to the reports are the ability to track how much you deposit into a category (previously you could only see how much you took out) and also the ability to click on any month in any category or account to see those purchases and deposits.

On top of the update to the reports, the Search page has also been updated to allow for searching within specific accounts.

We hope you enjoy the updated reports. Try it out and let us know what you think by posting here in the comments!

Comments for this post:

Its great to see another update at ClearCheckbook. For me though, this one is a bit of a mixed bag. The speed and improved look of the page are a big plus. However, I will miss the average spend per category, and am a bit lost as to why all my categories have to show in red with a zero length bar (with the exception of my salary ;-) ). Do people really get income in their grocery category?
by ianvolland on Mar 5, 2007
RE: Reports
I will work on modifying the reports page slightly. I'm planning on adding the average spent again and I'm thinking about taking off the red background of the categories.

Keep an eye out for any updates.
by Brandon on Mar 5, 2007
Reports 2
Average spends already added back in. Great work, and quick!

Any change of adding an average spend per month on credit card and average income, average expenditure, and average difference between the two for current and savings accounts please?
by ianvolland on Mar 6, 2007
Grocery income?
In response to ianvolland:

Actually, I have income in strange categories all the time. If I get a refund for something, I like to categorize it in the category I initially spent it in. I like that it shows up as income. So please keep it that way.

by jessethouin on Mar 14, 2007
I like the idea of the reports, but most of my accounts don't have deposits. I would rather see my net pending versus the limit rather than spending versus deposits. I agree with ianvolland, I don't get income in my grocery category nor in most of my categories.
by rrscha on Apr 9, 2007



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