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Minor Update to Importing feature

6/2/2007 in ClearCheckbook Updates
The Import feature has been updated with an option that will attempt to match categories associated with imported entries. Some programs export categories with the QIF file (like MS Money). Now, when you import that file and select the option to create the associated categories, it will attempt to do so.

If the category associated with the imported entry does not already exist, it will create it and assign the entry to that category. Right now this has been tested and works with MS Money QIF files. If you have a file that has categories associated with it but they're not getting added, use the Contact form to let us know and we'll see what we can do.

On another note, the first round of invites for the beta testing have been sent out. Hopefully there will be another, much larger, round of invites being sent out in a few weeks when V2 is much more fleshed out.

Comments for this post:

I hope v2 is still accessible from my blackberry Opera browser....that would be nice.
by dodoman on Jun 2, 2007
i would LOVE to test the new update! i'm extremely pc literate and will give feedback! thanks!
by adivagurl on Jun 9, 2007



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