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Minor Update to Search Page

1/15/2008 in ClearCheckbook Updates
You can now search for a specific amount using the Search page. To search for an amount, simply enter the amount and adjust any other search criteria and click Search. This feature has been frequently requested and serves a good purpose for tracking down rogue transactions.

Over the course of the next month we will be slowly updating the site little by little with some of our more requested features.

If you have any feature requests you would like to see added, please send them to us. There's no guarantee that the exact feature you request will be added soon, but we do take note of all requests and try to implement them eventually.

Comments for this post:

It appears that Transfers don't correlate on the reports as withdrawals and deposits accordingly. For example I mark my credit card payments as a transfer from one account to the other, but the reports show no deposits for the credit card account. It would be nice if it did.
by gregor on Jan 17, 2008
small bug
When editing Clearcheckbot transactions (before approved; my setting is to manually approve all of them), extra backslashes are inserted before the apostrophe. It was "arbys", I edited it to "Arby's" and it displays as "Arby\'s"
by gregor on Jan 19, 2008
I agree with the comment above on January 17, I find it strange that a transfer from one account to another does not show up in the records as a withdrawal from one and a deposit in the other. Thanks

by maryelizabethfisher on Feb 4, 2008
Export Search Results
I would like to see a feature where you can export the search results to a CSV file. For example, after searching for a list of particular transactions dealing with child care I would then like to export them (or print them, there's another idea) separately so I could send them to my accountant or include it with my tax return.

One final note, the "about" page talks about how this software is ideal for high school/college students. I don't think you're giving yourself enough credit. This application is much more meaningful to me as an "adult" than Money or Quicken which are simply bloated, glorified checkbooks.

Great application! Keep up the good work.
by richardz on Feb 17, 2008


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