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Minor Updates to Search and Quick Add

3/19/2008 in ClearCheckbook Updates
There have been three additions made to the Search page and one update made to the Quick Add form.

On the Search page, you now have the ability to search for transactions that have no category and/or no account associated with them. This will be helpful for tracking down rogue transactions. Also, you now have the ability to specify whether or not the transaction you're looking for is a deposit or a withdrawal.

On the Quick Add on the Account Summary page, if you are viewing a specific account (anything other than "All Accounts"), that account will be the default when you are adding transactions through Quick Add.

Please keep sending in those requests. They may not make it onto the site immediately, but if they're good suggestions, chances are they'll make it up sooner or later.

Comments for this post:

Is there a place where we can check what has been suggested or a wishlist so we are not requesting things that have been already suggested?

The ability to split a transaction that has already been entered would be nice. Because I import QIF statements and currently I have to delete and reenter as a split transaction.
by Euan.old.1347661898 on Mar 20, 2008
More Suggestions...
I second Euan's request for the ability to split a transaction that had already been recorded. It would go a long way towards helping us streamline our workflow.

Further to that editing capibility, though, comes my BIGGEST request, still: BATCH EDIT functionality. This is the single most important feature missing from the application, in my opinion. Example: what happens when I accidentally import 500 records under the category of "Bank Account A" and I need to switch those imports to "Bank Account B"? Search helps to segregate these items, but I still must go through and click each line item to drop down its Edit section, then edit the item, and click Save. VERY time consuming...

Might I suggest that a good way to implement batch edit functionality would be to make a new column of check boxes, ala. most webmail clients, like Gmail. Possibly with Shift-Click/Ctrl-Click capability for group selection / unselection. Then add a dropdown menu to the top of the table of each page of transactions, containing the full range of operations that one can apply to an entry.

From there, you could institute the checkbox/dropdown actions into every instance where entries are listed: Search results pages, Summary page, Import page, etc.

What do you think?
~ Trip
by trip on Mar 21, 2008
Another one..
I agree with above both. I had also proposed to have ability to import a CSV file that was previously exported from this site. So you can import whatever you want, and if you want to do batch updates, you export data to CSV, edit in Excel and then import same CSV back. Currently you can not import a CSV.

This will be alternative to batch update (which will be a lot more work programatically.)
by dk1972 on Mar 22, 2008
I've got one too
I'd like to be able to have the Scratch Pad visible/accessible whilst on the accounts summary page. Either to be able to see it (show it/hide it?), or at least to have it only one click away. I keep looking, thinking I must be missing something and I could do this already, but I don't think I am. It would make the Scratch Pad much more useful.
by aliportico on Mar 23, 2008
I agree with aliportico
I agree that the scratch pad is so hidden that it's almost not too much effort to use it. If there were an option on the scratch pad page to select whether or not to show it on the front page, that would be very helpful in using it more frequently for budgeting notes, etc.
by jimmygle on Mar 25, 2008



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