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New Feature: Check for Duplicate Transactions

4/19/2011 in ClearCheckbook Updates
We are proud to announce the ability to check for duplicate transactions when you import files into the site. This feature has been highly requested and we're glad you can finally start using it.

When you import a file into ClearCheckbook, you can now click a button at the top of the verification page to "Check for Duplicates." After clicking on this button, it will search through all your imported transactions and all the transactions you've entered in the site and try to find any duplicates based on a set of filter criteria.

You can change the filter criteria that adjusts the amount range and day range surrounding each of your imported transactions. This is helpful in case you've already added a transaction to your register, but it's also included in your imported file with a different date.

If the search finds any duplicate transactions, you can easily delete the duplicate before it gets added to your register.

This feature is available to any member that has an active Premium Membership.

Comments for this post:

That is an awesome feature!! This was the only reason why I never imported. I would have to go find duplicates and now that is no longer an issue. Great job!
by TechGuy on Apr 27, 2011
New Feature: Check for Duplicate Transactions
Very nice.
by tandmgray on May 9, 2011
Contact me in any way u can b4 login
by Evanphizzy on May 15, 2011



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