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New Feature: Re-Arrange Transaction Register Columns

8/11/2012 in ClearCheckbook Updates
Automatic Transaction Categorization
We're happy to release a new feature today that allows you to re-arrange the columns and fields when displaying transactions on the Transaction Register and Search result pages. Now you have full control over how your transactions are displayed by giving you the ability to select where the fields appear.

You can find these settings by clicking on the new "Column Arrangement" icon on the right side of the transaction column headers on the Transaction Register and Search result pages or by clicking on Settings at the top right side of the page then click on "Re-Arrange Transaction Columns."

On this page you can use the drop down lists to select which transaction fields you want to appear in each position. Once you save these settings all of your transactions will be displayed that way on the Transaction Register and Search results pages.

This feature is available to all members who have upgraded to the Premium Membership.

Comments for this post:

AWESOME! Thank you VERY much! you guys continue to rock!
by pob on Aug 11, 2012
P.S. Can you allow us to remove the "Jived" column? If you have "Running Balance", it looks like the "Jived" column shows up too, and you can't turn it off. I would like to have that option. Thanks!
by pob on Aug 11, 2012
Jived column
The jived status column will be hidden if you change the "Jived Status" drop down list to "--SKIP--". Please try that and let us know if it's still showing up for you.
by Brandon on Aug 11, 2012
I love this feature, especially being able to reduce the transaction info to a single line. Nicely done.
by ab4scherer on Aug 12, 2012
It would be nicer if the preview sample could be updated before saving the changes, not after.
by ocurero on Aug 14, 2012
Most Recent Dates First
When going into the Register, the most recent dates used to come up automatically, not 2010 dates are there, how do I get the current dates to show first?
by Star Asset on Nov 26, 2012



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