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New navigation structure is now live.

10/21/2009 in ClearCheckbook Updates
We have updated the navigation structure to give you a better idea of what each nav item does. The new navigation is broken up into Overviews, Register, Reports, Budgets and Tools sections. There are also two smaller icons to add transactions and search transactions.

The Overviews is the Account Dashboard. The Register is the Summary page. Budgets will take you to the Spending Limits page. Everything else should work as normal.

If you have any questions about the new navigation, please let us know.

Comments for this post:

I'm still trying to get used to it! The "budget" function seems to be interesting for private users imo! i'd only like to see a bigger "search" button; i use it often
by jvieira on Oct 22, 2009
Awesome changes it looks so much more streamlined and easy to use!
by foxdie on Oct 22, 2009
Would love custom tabs!
I use clearcheckbook to do forecasting and planning as well as my register. I'd love to have a custom tab for the recurring transactions, so I can mess with them regularly ... or at least be able to "post now" from my dashboard.

I'm loving all these improvements.
by luxlioness on Oct 31, 2009
Great Job
Love the new layout.... You should be proud of your growth.

I LOVE THE CATEGORIES for my item descriptions.

One comment I've noticed.... I still, from time to time, use old fashioned checks (yes it's hard to believe), but I have some payments that I need to make with a check. Will you ever provide a check number field? You could have this as a setting to turn on/off is some users don't need this feature. Right now I add the check number in the comment field, but it's a bit cumbersome.

Otherwise, I do love the website.

Keep up the great work.
by busterbob59 on Nov 2, 2009
RE: busterbob59
Bob, this is available in the premium version of Clear Checkbook.

A copy and paste:

Premium Features Available

If you like the free membership, sign up for the premium membership & start enjoying features like:

* Running Balances
* Custom Reports
* Transaction Histories
* Custom Fields: Check #, Memo and Payee
* Limit Histories
* Multiple users per account
* Estimating future balances
* Importing CSV files
* View Reports for more than 12 months

I get the premium, it's rather cheap compared to most sites I've seen.

by TechGuy on Nov 3, 2009



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