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New Premium Feature: Custom Transaction Fields

1/16/2009 in ClearCheckbook Updates
We have just released a new feature for Premium Members that allow you to turn on and off certain custom fields for you transactions. These custom fields include check numbers, payee and memo/note fields.

Enabling any of these fields allows you to add them to your transactions. You can then sort by the check number and payee fields or search by any of the new custom fields.

To manage your custom fields, log in and go to the Settings link at the top right of the page. Then click on the link that says Manage Custom Transaction Fields. From here, you can select which new custom fields you would like turned on and off.

Comments for this post:

Way cool!
I love the payee custom field. Any chance it could be added to the recurring transaction box, too?
by luxlioness on Jan 18, 2009
very nice
I like the additional fields, very helpful
by scottsacha on Jan 18, 2009



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