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New Site Update: Accounts Overview

2/20/2007 in ClearCheckbook Updates
Many people were sending in emails asking for a way to view an overview of all their accounts easily and in one place. After spending some time determining the best way to execute this, we're proud to announce the Accounts Overview feature on the Accounts page.

Accounts Overview Screenshot

Accounts Overview Expanded.

Now you can easily and quickly show or hide your accounts overview by clicking a single button. By default, your accounts overview is displayed. To shrink it, you can click on the "Shrink" link. If you decide you want to see all your account balances again, simply hit the "Enlarge" link and it will come back.

The reason we're giving you the option to shrink it down is that not everyone wants to see their account balances or they only have one account and don't need to see it. This will give them the option to hide it while it will give other people the option to display it.

The Enlarge / Shrink feature is also a great way to give yourself some extra screen real estate and allowing you to view more of your entries without having the Overview at the top of the page.

Try it out and let us know what you think about it in the comments!

Comments for this post:

Accounts Overview Feature
Thanks for adding this feature. Keep up the good work.
by Wade3971 on Feb 22, 2007
I like it
Might I suggest a semi-expanded version of the summary? Or a more compact version of the current one.

Great work!

by jaguar on Feb 25, 2007



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