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New Site Updates: Nav Structure and Checkbot

1/20/2007 in ClearCheckbook Updates
There have been a few minor updates made today. The first and most obvious update to our members is the re-organization of the navigation structure when you log in. Now, all the helpful tools are placed in a "Tools" link and are no longer in "Settings."

The links that now reside in "Tools" are Checkbot, Reminders, Spending Limits, Scratch Pad, Importing Records and Exporting Records. Breaking these away from Settings and putting them in Tools is an obvious decision. In the Settings menu you'll find, strangely enough, the settings that will help you manage your account.

In addition to the navigation structure update, CheckBot has also been updated. You can now transfer money from one account to another with Checkbot. The text you need to type in to make a transfer is located in the CheckBot Manager (which is now in Tools -> Manage Checkbot).

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