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OS X Dashboard Widget Updated!

12/14/2007 in ClearCheckbook Updates
In an effort to make it easier for you to manage your finances, we're proud to announce that we've updated our OS X Dashboard Widget to allow you to enter transactions directly from the dashboard on your Mac!

The widget still has the same functionality it always had, but now you have the ability to enter transactions. The widget will pull all of your accounts and categories and give you the ability to add deposits, withdrawals or make transfers without having to sign into the site.

To download the newest version of the widget, log in and go to Tools and click on the OS X Dashboard Widget icon. Simply install the new widget over the old one and you'll be good to go.

Try it out and let us know what you think!

Comments for this post:

Never cease to amaze me
I love the new widget! I never even thought to have that ability but once again, you keep supplying me with things I didn't know I needed. Keep up the good work.
by Kryptinite on Dec 15, 2007
I remember back...
I remember back when I decided I was determined to find a way to keep a check register digitally, and ideally on my phone. I'm 20 and tend to try to digitalize everything although my dad insists i just need to keep that checkbook and check register in my pocket. I even use digital text books in college now. I went through several poorly designed websites until I found which blew me away in design, innovation, and free-ness. Now, here you are with an even more amazing design, with IM support, and with an extremely convenient widget.

I love you :)

Now if I can just not forget to update with a text message every purchase! Stupid overdraft fees!
by haynesd on Dec 19, 2007



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