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Recent bug fixes and updates to ClearCheckbook

1/7/2009 in ClearCheckbook Updates
We are still working on fixing issues and adding updates based on user feedback. Some of the recent updates to the site are:

  • CheckBot is back online

  • Added ability to "hide all" categories in the dynamic category reports. This will easily let you select a single category to view.

  • Added a property to the Reminders gadget that lets you select if you want the calendar to appear

  • Added a property to the Reminders gadget for premium members that lets you select the number of days to view upcoming reminders.

  • Moved descriptions to the same line as the rest of the transaction for non-premium members (moves the description in the spot occupied by running balances for Premium members)

  • Fixed pie chart issue that was causing "Other" category to show incorrect results

  • Fixed search page issues related to multiple pages and sorting

  • Fixed a bug that was causing some members to see a No Account with a balance of 0 showing up in Account Overviews

  • Fixed recurring transaction/reminder bug that was causing transactions to show up as transfers or not show up at all

Again, if you notice anything else, please use the Contact Us link at the bottom right of every page. Please don't post issues to the blog, as they probably won't get resolved and you won't receive an answer.

Also, if you have suggestions for improvements or feature requests, please let us know by using the Contact Us link at the bottom of the page.

Comments for this post:

Thank you
Thanks and great job! Things are working pretty smoothly for me. The only small thing I've noticed so far is that when I close the help box on the Dashboard page, it comes back when I re-open my browser (and it's not supposed to do that for Premium subscribers, I think). I' using Safari 3.2 on a Mac.

I dedicated 2009 to take control of my finances and Clear Checkbook is making it very easy for me. Thanks!

by DamienW on Jan 8, 2009
Reports showing wrong information
When I look at the text report it is not showing some of my transactions that I had originaly posted on December 31, 2008 and then changed them to Jan 1, 2009. I double checked the date and it is correct but the report is just not showing the amount in any of the categories.
by scottsacha on Jan 14, 2009
I have a Verizon LG Voyager in Titanium. I have internet access from the phone. When I access the mobile functionality of clearcheckbook, I am unable to enter a transaction. Is there a fix for this?
by lisacasey on Jan 22, 2009
Negative amounts in split transactions
You used to be able to enter negative dollar amounts in split transactions, which I use all the time to
enter my paycheck info.


Salary $3000.00
Fed Inc Tax -300.00
State Inc Tax -100.00
Medicare -44.00

The split transaction no longer allows negative amounts. You can enter the negative sign but it goes away when you leave the field.

by dherron on Jan 24, 2009
Transaction Deleting
I am unable to delete several transactions. It is very frustrating.
by brian92822 on Jan 25, 2009



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