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Server Migration Update: Data transfer test on Monday, September 14th

9/11/2015 in ClearCheckbook Updates
Update Sept 14 @ 12:15am ET: We finished running part one of the tests - creating a full backup of the database in a format that we can easily move to the new server. The total elapsed time was about 20 minutes, which is faster than expected. The next step is the actual test of transferring the data.
Original post:
We'll be running a test transfer of the ClearCheckbook database from our current server to the new server environment on Monday September 14th at 11pm ET. The site might run a little slower than normal during the time it takes us to do a full backup of our database.

The purpose of this test is to figure out how long the actual data migration from our current server to the new one will take.

We're reaching the final stages of our migration to the new hosting environment and this test is one of the last major steps before we can fully transition over.

Comments for this post:

20 minutes to back up?!
Wow. That's fast, for so many transactions.
Netflix *was* buffering longer than usual last night ... ;)
by nisperos on Sep 15, 2015



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