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Server Updates and Response Time

9/1/2011 in ClearCheckbook Updates
If you’ve noticed any issues accessing the site over the last hour or two, we’re sorry. We’ve been running some updates to the server to help speed up the site.

We still have another major update to run later in the night that will also help the response time tremendously. We're sorry for any interruptions this has caused.

Comments for this post:

Still Slow
The site has been really slow the last two days. In fact, I just received a server error page. it went away after I refreshed, but the site is very slow to respond.

Are there any updates?

by eseelke on Sep 15, 2011
We were running some database updates last night that took a little longer to complete than we had expected (we wanted it to finish in the middle of the night while the site usage was extremely low). Everything should be on its way back to normal now.
by Brandon on Sep 15, 2011
I'm experiencing the same this morning, even right now. Couldn't you give us some heads up via Twitter in the future? Mentally, there's a big difference between "Something's wrong with ClearCheckbook" and "Oh, they're doing updates/maintenance, I'll try again later."
by stevendbrady on Sep 15, 2011



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