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Site Maintenance Tonight (August 23)

8/23/2007 in ClearCheckbook Updates
We're finishing some updates that we're going to roll out tonight which should help greatly reduce the amount of stress on the site and really help to speed things up.

This update affects the Balance Overview and the balances that appear at the top of the Accounts and Jive pages. These two features of the site draw a lot of processing power the way they're currently being processed. In the new method, things will be much much quicker and won't rely on the database nearly at all to calculate the balances.

In addition to fixing the balances you see on the site, it will also help tremendously speed up the time it takes for the Google Gadget and Dashboard Widget to calculate your overall balances.

The updates will start around 10:00pm EST and could last up to a few hours. During this update, the site could run slower than normal, so be prepared.

I'll make another post once the update has been successfully completed.

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