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Site Update Complete

8/23/2007 in ClearCheckbook Updates
We made several behind the scenes updates to the site tonight and the result should be extremely noticeable. The speed of pretty much everything should be improved. This includes the reports, balances, Google Gadget, Dashboard Widget as well as many of our other features.

If you happen to notice any issues, use the contact form at the bottom of the page to let us know.

Comments for this post:

Noticably faster
It's working a lot faster for me, especially the Account Overview page.

Thanks much!
by habibbijan on Aug 24, 2007
HUGE difference! Thanks for all you do. Great program.

by fernden on Aug 24, 2007
The site is so much faster I can't even believe it...thanks for making the updates!
by jmorales1976 on Aug 24, 2007
HUUUUUUUGE improvement in all aspects of the site, thank you for all you do TurkeyChicken ;) Your site is the best and I can't live without it now....

by slickshoes104 on Aug 24, 2007
I thought it was just my internet connection that was slow the past couple logins. Thank you!!!
by jkgienapp on Aug 24, 2007
Thanks for the site updates!
I also thought it was just my internet connection, but now the site is a lot faster! Thanks soo much!
by on Aug 26, 2007
Thank you!! Great site!
by pedekana on Aug 28, 2007
Much Faster
I had given up on this website a couple of months ago and gone in search of something else because it was just so painfully slow; however, I came back because I still haven't found anything that matches it in features I want my budget tracker to have. To my delight, the site runs infinitely more quickly. I am very pleased, and I thank you for all your hard work!
by talashira on Sep 4, 2007



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