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Some updates to the Account Dashboard!

11/20/2009 in ClearCheckbook Updates
We've updated a few gadgets on the Account Dashboard to make things a little easier for you. You can now adjust the number of transactions the "Latest Transactions" gadget displays. You can choose from 10, 15, and 20 transactions. You can get to these options by clicking the "down arrow" icon on the top right side of the Latest Transactions gadget.

We also added the "Post Now" button on the Reminders gadget. Now you'll be able to instantly post recurring transactions from the gadget rather than having to go to the Reminders page.

You might have to refresh your browser a few times on the dashboard page to clear out any javascript files your browser has cached.

If you have any other suggestions on how to make the dashboard or any other part of the site better, head over to the Feature Suggestion Discussion Forum and let us know!

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Clearing the money system
I have made some entries to the money system. I made some errors. I'd like to clear everything out and start again.

Thanks for your help
by Wschmitter on Jan 6, 2010
We've responded to you via email
by SiliconTrance on Jan 6, 2010



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