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Third Column Added to Dashboard

3/13/2009 in ClearCheckbook Updates
A third column has been added to the Account Dashboard page. Those with larger screens can now take advantage of some extra screen real estate.

If you do not wish to use the extra column, there is a link there to remove it.

If you are having issues with the 3rd column updating, clear the cache in your browser. Some javascript files have been updated and the new ones are necessary for the third column to work. Browsers like to cache these files, so it may seem like it's not working at first. Clearing the cache will fix that.

Comments for this post:

third column
I accidentally removed it, but I want it, how do I get it back? Also, what does clear the cache in your browser mean? How do I do that if I'm having problems. I'm not, just wondering in case I should. My problems are usually operator malfunction.
by larrylyn on Apr 26, 2009



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