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Update on iPhone App Development

7/20/2009 in ClearCheckbook Updates
Since this is by far the most requested feature and the one thing that drums up the most discussion on this site, I wanted to give everyone an update to the status of the ClearCheckbook iPhone app.

I am working on the basics of the application right now (adding transactions). For the first version, there will be some basic features such as adding/editing/deleting transactions, managing accounts and categories and syncing with ClearCheckbook.

I am limiting the initial version to these basic functions simply as a way to get a functioning app out on time. After the release of the basic app I will begin developing a more complete app that has reporting, searching, etc capabilities.

I have registered with the Apple iPhone Developer site and started the developer approval process. This must be done in order to put an app up on the App Store. I've heard this process can take a while, so I'm not sure when it will be done. I am hoping this approval comes before I am done with the app.

I thank everyone with an iPhone for staying patient. Having to learn a new programming language takes quite a bit of time... and then turning that knowledge into a reliable app takes even longer.

For those of you with a Palm Pre, BlackBerry or Windows Mobile device... I am focusing on the iPhone app for now for several reasons:
1. The App Store on the iPhone is by far the most used.
2. I have an iPhone myself so it's much easier to test on a device I have.
3. I am one person and can only learn so much at a given time.

After the release of the iPhone app, I will start to pursue other mobile devices.

Comments for this post:

thanks...this will be a big help for me...please keep us updated
by on Jul 22, 2009
Great News
This is fantastic. I shy away from using the Safari app because I hate logging in all the time. I am sure the iPhone app will allow me more flexibility in adding transactions.

Give me a shout if you need more beta testers.

by taussery on Jul 22, 2009
Clearcheckbook API
Any chance you could expose the CC API so that the users might be able to chip in and provide for a more robust application? Perhaps even make the application open source

This would also allow development for other platforms to occur concurrently since it would be up to the users to lead development for such an application.

I understand this might cut into your revenue stream since the application's source will be available to the masses however you could tie in the sites pay structure to benefit from having a free open source applications.

Just something to consider, I have tried other similar sites (Mint) however do not want or like the idea of my account information being tied into a checkbook balancing application. That defeats the whole purpose of balancing one's books if you are going off the information given to you by the bank. I really enjoy the site and have been with it for about two years (I think) and would simply like to see it grow even more.
by neomoon on Jul 22, 2009
ClearCheckbook API
After I build the API to be used with the iPhone app, I will probably release it and let others develop apps for the site. It has been my plan for a while to do that to help expand ClearCheckbook into areas that I don't have time to myself.
by Brandon on Jul 23, 2009

I'd be interested in discussing a desktop version. Let me know when you get the api started or done and we'll see what needs to be done.

by TechGuy on Jul 23, 2009
Desktop Version
A desktop version would be SO cool! There's something I would definitely pay for!
by jvieira on Jul 23, 2009
missing clearcheckbook in iphone app store
hello, i dunno whether it's true. i cant find any tool about clearcheckbook in iphone app store by typing 'clearcheckbook'. or i have anything wrong??? pls correct me if applicable!!
by Don Chan on Jul 25, 2009
re: missing clearcheckbook in iphone app store
Don, It's not up yet. That was the reason for this blog post. I'm working on building it now.
by Brandon on Jul 25, 2009
Now that I think about it, a desktop version isn't really needed. That's really the point of the site, which works great imo.

by TechGuy on Jul 26, 2009
Thanks for the iphone version
The syncing is exactly what I needed. Now I don't have to use alternative programs while on trips.
by vaidab on Jul 28, 2009
Hey Brandon, if I look into developing an app for Android phones, would you provide the necessary hooks to interact with the site's data (if this is before an API is released)?
by foxdie on Jul 30, 2009
Iphone app suggestion
Hey there,

I wanted to suggest something for the iphone app, I think it would be great if the application could store the transactions offline until you synch with clearcheckbook, that way you don't need to be online all the time to store your day-to-day transactions

Great Idea, keep up with the job and let me know if you need beta testers!

by FerMartin on Jul 31, 2009
Great app
Congratulations on your service!! Really amazing!! I am looking forward to have my ClearCheckbook App in my iPhone.
Please keep us informed.

Best Regards.
by hswertsswms on Aug 7, 2009
I appreciate all of your hard work and effort on this!
by skjohn8 on Aug 19, 2009
great news
Maybe an Adobe Air app would be interesting since it is logged in but you work from your desktop avoiding launching from explorer, firefox or safari.
by shivads1 on Aug 20, 2009
Willing to help on Desktop Version
Hey Brandon & TechGuy
I would also love to see a desktop version developed. I am a Flex/AIR developer and would be happy to donate some time to developing the app in the AIR framework. Would be cool to allow offline access and syncing to the server when available.

As for the iPhone app, I think its a great idea, but the site itself works extremely well in mobile Safari. Keep up the great work!
by providencemac on Aug 24, 2009
iPonoe app
any possible delivery date on the app? thanks..
by on Aug 30, 2009
Looking Forward
I am anticipating your app. I've purchased other apps but keep coming back to Clearcheckbook. The other ones I've used do not cover what I need. So, I guess I pretty much have wasted my money. Hope to see the app soon. I'm going to download it so quick, it may be on my phone before you post it. LOL)
by heloim on Sep 18, 2009
iPhone app
Is there any update on this? I would be willing to beta test if it is ready?
by kevinleclair on Jan 5, 2010
Clear Checkbook
How do I start clear checkbook
by jimbokelly on Mar 26, 2010



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