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Upgrades and fixes for Reports, Limits and Future Balances!

12/2/2009 in ClearCheckbook Updates
We just released a few upgrades and bug fixes to various parts of the site. The first upgrade is to the Limits/Budget tool. The tool now lists a Totals row so you can see the totals of all your current limits as well as the percentage of your overall limits.

The second upgrade is to the Estimate Future Balances tool. You can now see a "Details List" for all transactions being calculated for each month. When you run a future balance estimation, there is now a "Details" link next to each month. Simply click it and you will see a breakdown of all transactions that are included to figure out your future balance for that month.

We also fixed a few bugs in the Reports section that was causing some months of data to be left out of the text breakdowns under the Account reports.

Also, if you're viewing a specific account, when you try to add a transaction, it will default to that account.

If you have any other suggestions for new features or additions to the site, please head over to the Feature Suggestion Forum and let us know!

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