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V2 Sneak Peek: List of New Features and Initial Testing

5/29/2007 in ClearCheckbook Updates
Because development of version 2 is taking a little longer than expected, I thought it would be good to give everyone a list of what some of the new features will be to V2 and also list some other improvements to existing features. Also, at the end of this post I'll be detailing some requirements for initial testing of V2.

You can find pretty much all of these as suggestions that were made in a previous blog post asking for ideas for version 2.

  • Ability to split transactions

  • Quick Add on the accounts page

  • Jive entries directly from the accounts page

  • Added features to the search page

  • Updated handling of credit card transactions

  • Ability to set recurring transactions

  • Updated reminders system

  • Much needed improvements to Currency / Time Formatting

There will also be many other behind the scenes improvements which will dramatically increase the responsiveness of the site as well as some other smaller features that aren't listed above.

In an effort to take a giant leap forward in the usability of the site, Internet Explorer 6 will no longer be actively supported. There are simply too many flaws with the browser that make cross browser compatibility nearly impossible. Because we believe in moving the web experience forward instead of backwards, we encourage all Internet Explorer 6 users to start using Firefox or upgrade to Internet Explorer 7.

While we're not going to make it impossible for IE 6 users to use the site, as it should still work for about 90% of tasks, we strongly encourage you to consider upgrading to a better browser. We will also continue to make features compatible with IE6 if it doesn't involve drastic measures.

We should be ready to start alpha testing the site by this weekend. I only want to open it to maybe 10 or so users and will grant access to those users who have been here the longest time over new members.

The ideal alpha tester is someone who has some programming / web / computer knowledge and will be able to provide details to any errors they come across. We also want to get a wide range of people to test the site. This means we need different operating systems and browsers to go through the site and see if there any flaws with any of them.

If you are interested in being among the first people to see and start testing V2 and feel you meet the criteria above, please leave a comment on this blog post with the operating system and browser you use along with any other information you think would be helpful in determining if you're a good fit to start testing.

For those of you who fit the requirements, I will be in contact with you some time over the weekend with details of the testing.

Comments for this post:

I'm interested
I'm on WinXP running Firefox I'm a web geek and programmer, working lately mostly in Perl, PHP, and MySQL. I'm also quite familiar with web standards and am pretty familiar with Javascript.
by gregor on May 29, 2007
XP SP2, FF haven't been a user for a long time, but QA/UI testing is what I do. glad to help if I can.
by buchananmb on May 30, 2007
IE7 (XP) on the desktop; also IE on a WM5 smartphone (no touch-screen). If v2 is supposed to work on WM5, I will be glad to work it over. If not...I'll stick with v1.

I'm an (IT) auditor, not a programmer. I will report what I see in sufficient detail for you to reproduce it, and will work with you on retesting.

I feel like I'm applying for a job. If I get to participate, can I put it on my resume? :-)
by bhavens on May 30, 2007
Firefox/IE7/WM5 Smartphone

I generally supervise and it has been awhile since I have done the hands on programming. MySql, Perl, PHP, Ruby.
by cswroe on May 30, 2007
I'm available
I use Firefox primarily and have IE7 available as well, on WinXP.

I am involved in all kinds of things web and tech related, such as database administration/troubleshooting, web development, blogging for over 2 years, all kinds of multimedia work, reporting, analysis, just to name a few. I am very comfortable poking around websites and knowing what works and doesn't work and what looks good etc. Plus I have beta tested for other sites and software and am comfortable reporting bugs and flaws and working with you in any way necessary.

I have used ClearCheckbook for probably 6 months or so and would love to be able to participate in testing the new site.

It's kind of like the donkey in, pick me, pick me, pick me......

by jmrkwalton on May 30, 2007
I'm excited
all those updates sound great!

I'd be glad to be a beta tester.

Firefox 2.0 and Win XP.

7 years software QA exp. Mostly on web apps with sql.

Been using clearcheckbook since Jan 07.

Worked at financial software firm for 5 years.

Good luck,
by fuber on May 30, 2007
In For Sure....
I'd also be happy to test it out for you.

Home Computer #1: Vista + Firefox (latest version) and IE7
Home Computer #2: XP Pro SP2 + Firefox (latest version)
Work Computer: XP Pro SP2 + Firefox Portable (latest version)

CIS degree (not my profession though). Tech savy so i'd know what I was looking for and talking about.

by Scamallite on May 30, 2007
Sounds great and I'd love to help
Windows XP MCE
Firefox 2 + IE7

I speak HTML/CSS, PHP, Javascript, MySQL, and other languages like C/C++, C# and Java. I've done a lot of server admin stuff as well, mostly on Linux.
by ccurrie on May 30, 2007
Looking forward...
I've been keeping an eye on this tool for a few months. Have not moved over to it full time because of some featured our home needs, but V2 looks like it will solve that problem.

While I don't have "live" data in the system, I'd be happen to test if you need some more warm bodies to test.
by clint on May 30, 2007
Count me in
As I've mentioned before, I'm an experienced web programmer. In addition to CSS, Javascript, Dynamic HTML, HTML, PHP, Cold Fusion, and ASP, I also have non web-experience in C, C++, fortran, java and others.

I have 2 years work as a Verification Engineer for aviation software and an additional year as an embedded SW engineer for aviation radio(s).

Currently, I run Windows XP Professional and IE version 7 at home. I'm running XP Pro and IE version 6 at work - I can update, the company just hasn't. I've installed, and am willing to install again Firefox v 2.0 and the latest Opera browser, as I have used them numerous times for browser testing. I also have a second HD partition with an older version of Ubuntu linux and firefox. I have been desiring to update to the latest Ubuntu and firefox - it's just without enough web apps for things like, finances web-docs, I have had trouble migrating from windows. I'm willing to re-install all such apps and restart a migration to Ubuntu linux.

Let me know...
by kenny3794 on May 31, 2007
I'm up for it...
I'd like to be included in the test group. I've been using the site exclusively for several months and am looking forward to V2.
by on May 31, 2007
beta testing
I'm willing to participate in your test efforts for v2. I run on XP Pro/Firefox 2 or Vista/IE7/Firefox 2 or XP Home/Firefox 2. Soon to be replacing vista with ubuntu 7.04. I'm a middleware engineer running portals on app servers and web servers. No coding, but lots of troubleshooting & scripting. Let me know if I can help. BTW, great software here! Keep it simple :-)
by nroyall on Jun 1, 2007
new user
LOving IT!!! this is what i've been looking for forever! i was just not geek enough to create it! thank you!!!!
by adivagurl on Jun 4, 2007
mac alpha/beta tester
if you need a mac user (firefox and safari) tester, i would love to.

have lots of experience in beta testing.
by firetree on Jun 7, 2007
i would LOVE to be selected as a tester! i will leave feedback and i'm very pc literate! i'm an xp user
by adivagurl on Jun 9, 2007
I'll give it a shot
I've recently re-commited to using CCB for tracking my money and I'd love to beta-test v2.0

I use FF 2.0, Portable FF 1.5, IE7 & Safari for Windows on an WinXP system.

I am a web developer by profession - I use VB.NET, C#, SQL, Javascript, CSS & x/html daily and just starting using PHP & mySQL in contract/side jobs.

Let me know what's up - I'd be happy to help.
by FutureCodeDevStyle on Jun 13, 2007
Tester position
Are there still openings? :P

I am using FF2 primarily and IE7 & Safari on XP Pro and Vista. I am a QA intern right now at a software company making web apps. As what the QA people say, we are the "gatekeeper" and "monitor" of the quality of the software being developed.

I've been using clearncheckbook since late last year when I read about your service on lifehacker, and have even grown an addiction over it! I want to contribute what I can to make this website better.

Please consider me :-P
by james.j.chou on Jun 14, 2007
Would love to help test
Hay guys,

Thanks for the great app!

I would love to help test v2.

by on Jun 18, 2007
Count me in!
I've got plenty of development experience (, and have been using CB since December. I can't live without it, our family's finances can't live without it, and I would love the opportunity to lend my experience.

For what it's worth, I've logged over 1500 transactions, and I use almost every feature, so I'm familiar with the user interface experience.

by jessethouin on Jun 24, 2007
Any testing openings
I've been using the site for a bit now and really like it, and would like to help test the new version as well. I'm a web developer, I design and code websites/net apps. I'm also a Computer Science major so I'm good with testing and test cases.
by foxdie on Jun 26, 2007
Jived Total on Main Accounts Page
I like to see the amount that has been jived vs. the amount that is still outstanding and has not cleared. I just click on the Jive Statement button to see this now but it would be sweet to have that on the main accounts page for whatever account I am viewing..

Would that be a hard thing to implement?


Btw..I use Quicken 2007 + ClearCheckBook = Hoping to get rid of Quicken soon;-)

Just need a few more features first like "recurring transactions".

Great job.. keep up the GREAT work!!
by tulsajeff on Jul 10, 2007
I'll give it a whirl
FF, generally I'm not retarded.
by brianparkin on Jul 16, 2007
and XP SP2, wheres the edit/delete post option?
by brianparkin on Jul 16, 2007
Available Tester
I use both Mac OS X 10.4.10 with Firefox and Safari, and Windows XP Pro and Vista.

I am a professional Developer with 12 years web and application experience.

by smdistefano on Jul 29, 2007



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