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12/22/2008 in ClearCheckbook Updates
We've received over 100 emails in the 12 hours since V3 launched. We have been working hard to take many of your comments into consideration. While we experienced more unexpected things pop up than we would have liked, we hope it hasn't tarnished your view of ClearCheckbook.

So far we've fixed the following:
* Drop down descriptions working in IE6 and IE7 now.
* Account overviews are on the Summary page again.
* You can Jive from the Latest Transactions gadget.
* Deleting issues have been resolved
* iPhone/iPod Touch icon working again
* Issues dragging dashboard widgets have been fixed
* Login form is now easier to find
* Getting the iGoogle Gadget and OSX Dashboard Widget updated
* Fixing description auto-complete in the Mobile app

A few of the things we're still working on are:
* Getting CheckBot up again
* Adding monthly totals to the reports, so you can see actual values, not just the report itself.

While there are still things we have left to do, please know that we are listening to your feedback and doing our best to fix any issues.

If you find something you don't like about the site, or something isn't behaving correctly, use the Contact Us form at the bottom of the page to let us know... please don't flood the blog comments with things like that. We see them faster if they're sent directly do us.

Thanks for your patience.

Comments for this post:

New program
Thanks guys, I like it.
by debingha on Dec 22, 2008
Contact us?
Great job! Signed up for premium. I don't see a Contact Us option at the bottom of any page.

- the future balances doesn't seem to work correctly
- future balances should be relocated directly under Transaction summary in order to quickly see whether or not one will be overdrawn by the next pay date based on future transactions.

by treydobson on Dec 23, 2008
Still don't see a place to "Contact Us"
Despite the fixes yesterday afternoon, there are certain, incorrect transactions that won't delete permanently. After deletion, they reappear when the window is refreshed. Tried all I know to get rid of them. Suggestions?
by treydobson on Dec 23, 2008
Great job Clearcheckbook team on the updates and fixes. Thanks for all your hard work and for providing us with a wonderful site. Keep the goodies coming.


"+contact us" is showing on my browser. It's located in the bottom right hand corner. You might want to check your browser settings or try another browser.
by anijhenry on Dec 23, 2008
Error import transaction
Good job guys!!! Thanks for the new version.

I have a little problem with "Import Transactions" on my free account. I currently have some imported transactions (from QIF file) not verified; if i click on link "View your imported transactions" view the page: "Error SQLSTATE[08P01]: <>: 7 ERROR: bind message supplies 0 parameters, but prepared statement "pdo_pgsql_stmt_00dbba58" requires 1". Can you fix the problem??

Thanks a lot.

(sorry for my bad english!!!)
by ravenskinner on Dec 23, 2008
uservoice account
is there a chance of setting up a uservoice account for clearcheckbook?
by neo_21670 on Dec 23, 2008
credit card processing
I tried to upgrade to a premium account, however the upgrade form said "there was an error processing the card". Is there a bug, or anything? Maybe is there an option to pay with Paypal? (Paypal works fine with my card, it's a VISA.)
by neo_21670 on Dec 23, 2008
account category balances
so far i'm unable to get a balance total for each individual category withing an account. the old version used to let me do this with the 'search' feature. now all it shows is total deposits/withdrawls, so if you want the balance you have to add/subtract this yourself. am i doing something wrong, or was this feature lost or switched to the premium only?
by cd_deboer on Dec 23, 2008
Giving it some time....
I'm still not completely happy with the change, but am working on it.

One thing that still bugs me is the location of the Description on the Transaction Summary page - it's located below the date as a separate line; seems it would make more sense to have it all listed on one line. Date, Description, Amt, Account, Category is more logical and easier to read. I use that description frequently when "jiving" things and I am constantly struggling to read each line.

In any case, glad you're reading feedback.

Oh, and I miss Checkbot! Get that bugger working soon. Please.
by james.enloe on Dec 23, 2008
adding categories and accounts
It does not seem to be as easy to add new acounts or categories as it was !
by xxeuss on Dec 23, 2008
Great Job!

Another thing...the text report is beautiful, definately useful for taxes BUT it doesn't include some transactions. For instance, I see transactions for certain months on the cloud summary or when I search for them but on the text report it shows 0.00 balance for that month!

Am I doing something wrong? Does it now show up on the text report if I am not consistent with withdrawals/deposits from the same account?
by kim5847 on Dec 23, 2008
Error on the Account Dashboard / Account Overviews gadg
I've already sent this to the Admins, but posting here also to see if anyone is seeing the same error (or it just me)?

From the Account Dashboard, on the Account Overviews gadget, I am receiving an error when clicking on the hyperlink for the account (I am assuming this link should take me to the summary page for that specific account).

The hyperlink properties point to (account number x'd out for this posting):

The error I am receiving is a DNS Server Cannot Be Found type message (sorry - don't remember that exact verbiage.
by jmcgarvey on Dec 23, 2008
Honestly, I think it was just fine the way it was. It was simple to navigate, everything was easy to locate, and the reports worked perfectly for what I needed. Now, it's completely changed the look and feel, the reports aren't working as I need them to, and layout isn't quite as user friendly.
It would be nice to have an option to use the old website or the new website, that way those of us who are fine with how it use to be could still use it.
As of right now, I'm working on moving back to Online Check Register . com :( Bummer....
by jones0721 on Dec 23, 2008
new format
I preferred the old version. Is there anyway we can have the option of using that version? Kind of disappointed you just sprung this version on us without that option...
by imalpo on Dec 23, 2008
Just wanted to let you know what an amazing job you're doing. Your product seems like something that comes from a huge corporation, not just a single programmer (with some helps, of course). I realize there are bugs, but just look at that little company, Microsoft, and see what bugs exist when they first put out anything! You're doing great! I APPRECIATE YOUR HARD WORK AND YOUR PRODUCT!
by fernden on Dec 24, 2008
Merry Christmas!
Thanks, and Happy Holidays.

I have been very happy, and publicly have endorsed your vision. Your efforts are appreciated. You have (and I am grateful for) helped free me of unnecessary, crushing debt – this is NOT an exaggeration.

However the upgrade appears to me to be more cluttered and complicated than need be, just the opposite of what attracted me to site in the first place. I'm not going to go storming off in a huff, but I am disappointed in the direction your service to the financial community seems to be headed. I would like to respectfully request that users be allowed a "V2" version to be available. I am aware that I am, as a free user, entirely at your mercy.

Thanks to YOU Brandon I am indeed enjoying a prosperous, merry holiday and I wish nothing less than the same for you and yours.

by jamesniem on Dec 24, 2008
New Interface
Maybe it's just me, but when I'm reviewing the transactions, I don't really like having the text on a new line. But really, I like everything else so far. Perhaps you would be willing to put in a setting for that. Also, a setting that would allow me to view more than a few lines at a time. This would be especially good if I need to find a discrepancy. Again, this a very good design over all.
by lillockey on Dec 24, 2008
Feeling as a returning user
I came back today to update my accounts, and discovered the change in ClearCheckBook, I thought it was my browser misintepreting the stylesheets and site. It didn't look BETTER.

I finally realised that there was a major change, so as I browse the site, it still didn't look BETTER. I tried adding an entry, upon completion, the accounts were not updated immediately like before, which I felt was a plus point compared to this.

So considering most updates are for the better, the new update has failed to impress a returning user.
1. Doesn't look better than the clean design before
2. Accounts did not update after an entry.
3. I felt lost with the overall drop. I was looking forward for something better, not a drop. I would suggest returning to the old version, and reworking v3, making it beautiful, have a group of beta users use, test and compare with the previous version, and making an announcement on the frontpage about the latest changes, educating old users and teaching them how to move on to the new system.

That way, a returning user like me will not feel what I am feeling now. I sincerely want to go, "Wow! It just got better!"

Anyhow, ClearCheckBook is still a great free tool! Please provide a donation page so we can support you.

by jerictan on Dec 25, 2008
Not sure.
I am still trying to get used to everything. Even as a beta tester it seemed that the new version was a bit more complicated that is should be. The simplicity of Clearcheckbook was a big selling point for me and it seems to have lost that in the latest upgrade. Regardless, I am not going anywhere.

What is the possibility of possibly running both versions as a user option? I am not sure how much has changed on the back-end and if there were a lot of changes the previous interface may be totally broken.
by cswroe on Dec 25, 2008
Import Error
same exact problem as "ravenskinner." I have tried all types of files (QFX, OFX, and QIF) they give me the same error... I NEVER EVER had a problem with the old site... what is up!?!

New site looks cool tho...
by Jacob Weintraub on Dec 25, 2008
Edit Transaction
Add Delete Transaction to Edit Transaction
by Jacob Weintraub on Dec 25, 2008
letters are scrambled...
As title, I think it's might be some codepage conversion problem.

I used to type my descriptions in Traditional Chinese, but it's all messed up after
the V3 update, and can't be solved by adjusting the brower's encoding settings.

Still appreciate this V3 update!! Just hope this problem can be solved soon~
by clydeli on Dec 25, 2008
Liked V2
Hard to complain when you still have a free version, and I *DO* appreciate the service you offer, but... count me as someone who would rather go back to V2. It was clean, the layout was simpler and better, and I liked exactly how each transaction was listed on the same line with the date, amount, description, etc. The new version is cluttered and less attractive. May just be me, but the AJAX add entry seems to take longer in my browser (Firefox) than the old form.
by countolaf on Dec 26, 2008
Liked Verion 2 better than 3
Thank you for providing a free service where I can manage my finances painlessly. Personally, the new version is a bit complicated for me and for some reason I cannot edit or delete transactions. Even if I log out and log back in, it stays the same. I tried to delete them through ever different tab (Summary, Dashboard, etc...) but still does not work. Please help...
by dearmus1 on Dec 26, 2008
accounts in multiple currency
I just started clearcheck book to manage my personal finance. But problem is with multiple currency accounts, when i add a particular currency say SGD or EUR it shows everything in USD in summary page. It doesn't give me the real picture of my current money. cant it show me the real value in a one chosen currency of my overall personal finance.
by hetprint on Dec 26, 2008
Possible option for either views
I was wondering if it'd be possible to give people the option to have their accounts viewed in V3 or V2? Not sure if it's easy to do but like some other people I preferred the V2.
by j.barrett83 on Dec 27, 2008
Giving it some time...
I somewhat agree with countolaf and jerictan that the previous version was cleaner, less cluttered, and worked faster on Firefox. I'm giving the new one some time, and since it is free right now, I can't complain too much. It's gutsy to make upgrades, and it's awesome you're taking feedback.

The new color scheme is really depressing, but I just started using the new version, so I'll check to see if that's a user setting I can change.

In the end, my info was still there and the system works, so that's always cause for joy after an upgrade!

Keep up the good work.
by Bud on Dec 27, 2008
Firefox Text Not Lining Up
Also, the text describing transactions doesn't line up properly on my version of Firefox using a Mac. Let me check Safari... oh same thing. It's the 'Latest Transaction' gadget where this occurs, on the Dashboard.

I really thought the old version was perfect and was always willing to pay for it, but I'm not really excited about this new version. It seems to require more clicks to get something done, and doesn't have all the information in one place.

That being said, it takes courage to upgrade and I applaud your efforts, I really do, and I look forward to paying if the new version gets up to speed. Heck, where can I make a donation today?

by Bud on Dec 27, 2008

Congrats for Clearcheckbook redesign. I'm a brazilian interaction designer, and recommend this for all my friends and colleagues.

I would like to suggest UserVoice (, to get feedback from your users.

[ ]´s
Moisés Ribeiro
by moeribeiro on Dec 27, 2008
Good Work Guys! V3 is much better than V2
I am very impressed with the changes. To those who long for V2 -- while V2 was a little simpler/cleaner than V3, the new version offers more tools with easier access to them... just use it for a few days and I'm sure you'll come around.
by ross on Dec 28, 2008
V2 was fine...
I prefer the older version. I don't want to seem like I'm complaining, but it was easier on the eye. The new version will take some time to get used to. I liked how everything was on one line in the previous version.
Otherwise, I love the site and will continue to use it. Thanks!!
by karenwolozen on Dec 28, 2008
The new version is more beautiful, but ...
In older version (V1 and V2), it can display the Traditional Chinese text correctly in some field (Account name, Description, etc.). But in the new version, the text which is Traditional Chinese encoded is displayed incorrectly (for example: 晚餐 - 阿給、肉包). Could you solve this problem? Thanks.
by mow0904 on Dec 29, 2008
Quick tip...
Being able to use the same page to enter transactions, as well as clear/jive, would be great. On the last version, one could enter a new transaction, and then without leaving the page start clearing/jiving items at the bottom. That takes two different screen in the new version, and it's not as intuitive his time. And, still having text not line up properly in the Latest Transaction gadget, and that gadget doesn't update in real time or allow you to clear transaction. If it did all that, then it'd be perfect, or, well, at least match the functionality of the last version. You guys are awesome, just trying to offer constructive help. ;)
by Bud on Dec 29, 2008
Hi guys,

Can you tell me why my recurring transactions are now showing up as Transfers? It now shows a deposit of the entry, followed by a withdrawal of the entry, so I need to go in and delete all the deposits.

by jozack42 on Dec 29, 2008
I love the site and I just became a premium member. I think it would be great if you could set it up so it would email or text you your balance once a day a certain time.
by scottsacha on Dec 29, 2008
I have found a strange issue which is browser related (please let me know), but could be resolved via a website configuration (?)

This issue occurs while using Google Chrome, but I am unable to duplicate it with Internet Explorer.

In the Description Field on the Edit Transaction window, I am unable to enter certain characters, while others are working fine.

I am not able to enter the number sign "#" or the open parenthesis "(".

However, the closing parenthesis")" can be entered with no problems.

by jmcgarvey on Dec 29, 2008
I agree with jozack42,
"Can you tell me why my recurring transactions are now showing up as Transfers? It now shows a deposit of the entry, followed by a withdrawal of the entry, so I need to go in and delete all the deposits."
This appears to be another bug in this new version.

I'm also a big fan of the old version and would have gladly paid for this upgrade if it worked better. But because you stated a native iPhone version was coming why pay for both? It seems like the iPhone community who used this GREAT web app (V2) was really looking forward to using it directly on there iPhone as a native app. So I really hope you're still working on getting that done.

Thanks for starting a REALLY GREAT app, its truly the best I found on the web.

by biglan on Dec 29, 2008
Reports menu is still broken, as it shows all my transfers added to the whole amount of cash of the given month... It looks a bit strange if I work with lot of internal transfers (eg. giving money to my gf and back on a daily basis), as it shows almost 5-6 times more than my real income and withdrawals...
by neo_21670 on Dec 30, 2008
still getting used to it ....
But I really don't like the way each transaction now takes up two lines, with the description under the date. Means I can only see half as many transactions on screen at once (not useful), makes trying to read down for a particular date or description harder, I'm no longer sure if I can order stuff by description? and it leaves me with the left half of the screen looking blank and weird.
by aliportico on Dec 30, 2008
Is there a way to Jive a transaction as you are entering the data? Otherwise, you need to enter it then go to the UnJived screen and Jive it. Just an extra step that could lead to reconciling errors.

by LisaMike on Dec 30, 2008
I haven't read through all of the comments, so I'm not sure if this has been suggested but...

It would be handy to have the option to have the system send you a reminder email the day OF the reminder you have set, instead of having to select at least a day before.
by Kyssandra on Dec 31, 2008
Is there a search function in the Blog
I noticed there is no search function anywhere in the Blog, or I may have missed it.

I was looking for a function to edit the beginning balance of the created account after the account has been created. The notice on top of the page says I can Add, Edit or Delete, but somehow the function escape my attention. Maybe it is in the premium version?

Thank you for creating a such wonderful application, I have been searching for this type of app for a few years already. The website name or your app name seems to be quite long. Probably new name similar to Mint, Quicken or similar seems to be more appropriate.

I will explore this site further before signing up as a premium user.

Azli Paat
by azlipaat on Jan 1, 2009
Love it
signed up for the premium membership and very happy...i LOVE the running balance feature...I've been waiting for that!

it's not letting me export as a .csv though...not sure if that's on the list of things to fix.

by jennbirkelien on Jan 1, 2009
I prefer V2 reports
Hi, i really appreciate your efforts, but i dont like the V3 reports, in my opinion they are unclear and unuseful. In general i prefer the V2 version, i dont think i'll upgrade to premium account, also because if have to pay for this kind of service i'll prefer to make myself an Excel sheet with pivot tables.
by oxygenetic on Jan 2, 2009
what is going on with the bot?
I hate to be so negative, but while I love the ease of the main site, I just dont use it. for me clearcheckbook is nothing more than clearcheckbot. I need to quickly enter transactions on the go. The bot has been down for 2 weeks now and it's really start to effect me. If i can't enter my transactions on the fly then I would be using Mint or something equally mind numbing.
Clearcheckbook is the absolute creme de la creme of easy online financing, but the most major component of that is the bot. please get me an update on the status.
by loogie on Jan 2, 2009
one issue
since the bot has been down, i've been trying to stay on top of my finances using the main site, and it's super irritating to enter a transaction and have it not show until I hit summary. maybe it's Firefox or something, but that's how i have to see my new transactions
by loogie on Jan 2, 2009
I miss the V2 also
This version is less clean, the transactions take up twice as much space and I only see half of them. :(
by Fman99 on Jan 5, 2009
What a mess
I don't know why people have to ruin a good thing. Why reinvent the wheel? I HATE this new version and will be picking up QUIKEN shortly. This site is totally NOT user friendly anymore, which is the reason why I used this site in the first place. Also I am having all sorts of problems adding transactions and jiving them.

You guys ruined a good thing. Too Bad....
by LisaMike on Jan 6, 2009
The new version honestly feels like a step backward, particularly from a UI perspective. V2 felt very "Web 2.0" and was very intuitive. Some of V3 is counter-intuitive and it just doesn't have the fresh look that V2 did.
by fadingsignal on Jan 10, 2009



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