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Weekly Site Update: January 5, 2007 - January 11, 2007

1/12/2007 in Miscellaneous
This week has been pretty good for ClearCheckbook. We've had over 140 new members join the site since last Friday. That brings our total number of active users to more than 1,600. There have also been over 3,200 entries made on the site since last Friday.

I've been getting a lot of good feedback from everyone with ideas and feature requests to add to the site. Please keep sending these in because I'm going to start working on the next version of the site soon. I plan to have Version 2 of the site up and operational by the 1 year anniversary of the site (May 19, 2007).

The new features / updates made to the site this week are: 1) Updated reports page. Instead of building everyones report every night, we give you the option to update it whenever you want. 2) New option to be logged out when you close the browser. 3) The Blog! 4) Several other small upgrades that aren't really worth mentioning but will help improve the usability of the site.

Keep telling your friends and family about the website. We're growing really fast and it's great to see how many people the site is helping stay on top of their money. The more people who can benefit from this, the better. So spread the word!

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Simply Amazing
I know I've emailed you about this before, but I have to say again that this site is amazing. I've been looking for this kind of website since I bought my first 28.8 modem (and we won't go there, will we?). Keep up the good work!
by jessethouin on Jan 17, 2007
Maybe Google will notice... ;)
by jessethouin on Jan 17, 2007



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