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Projecting your Future Balances with ClearCheckbook

5/31/2011 in Money Management Tips
Our Estimated Future Balances feature is a great money management tool. We project your balances to a future date by using the Reminders and Recurring Transactions tool, any post-dated transactions you’ve entered, and by letting you set an optional average monthly spending and saving on top of those other amounts. We then display a running list of transactions and balances so you can see how your future balances look over time.

To access the Estimated Future Balances money management tool, you’ll first need to be a premium member on the site. After that, simply click on the Tools option in the navigation and then click on Estimate Future Balances. This tool has a basic search form that lets you select a few filtering options. These options include a date to project your balances to, any additional withdrawals per month, any additional deposits per month and what account you want to project your balances for.

Once you enter your data into the form, click on Estimate and you will be presented with a report that shows how your balance is affected by future transactions from the current day until the future date. Below that is a list of all the transactions that affect your future balance, plus a running balance so you can see how each transaction affects the balance.

Below the list of transactions and running balances is a monthly breakdown of how your future balances will look at the end of each month between the current date and the date you’re projecting your balances to.

Again, the future balances tool includes any transactions that are included in your register and are dated in the future. It also includes any recurring transactions you’ve entered into the Reminders and Recurring Transactions tool. We also know that you probably have a good idea of how much miscellaneous spending and saving you have each month, so on the Estimate Future Balances tool, you can use those fields to enter how much (in addition to the recurring transactions and any post dated transactions) you spend and save each month.

The Estimate Future Balances tool is a great money management feature that is extremely easy to use and provides you with some very helpful information. It gets even more powerful if you enter your upcoming and scheduled transactions into our Reminders and Recurring Transactions tool.

Whether you’re trying to save up for a big purchase and need to know when you might be able to afford it, or you’re just curious how your current spending and saving habits will affect you in the future, the Estimating Future Balances money management tool is a great way to easily see this information.

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Little Bug
Get tool but only worked one time. I went into the page and picked the date and the account and all was good. Changed the date and nothing, tried to refreash the page but still nothing. Maybe you can look into that bug. Thanks GM
by gmeyer8 on Jun 2, 2011



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