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ClearCheckbook Launches Major Upgrade and Announces Premium Membership

12/22/2008 in ClearCheckbook News
ClearCheckbook is proud to announce the launch of Version 3 of the site. This version upgrade comes with many new features, an updated look, and the ability to become a Premium member.

To start, we'll tell you about the Premium Membership. A Premium Membership gives you access to some new and exciting features such as the ability to view all transactions that were edited and deleted and gives you the power to restore them. The Premium Membership also displays the running balance on the Account Summary page and gives you the ability to estimate Future Balances. The Premium membership costs $4 per month, but you can also purchase multiple months at a time at a lower cost. We do want to emphasize the fact that the site will always remain free for you to sign up and use. However, we believe that offering a Premium membership is a great way to help grow the site and keep the site competitive for both free and premium members. To learn more about the Premium Membership, check out the premium information page.

Some of the new features added to the site are the new Dashboard that replaces the Account Summary page. Here you can quickly add transactions, view reports, check out your spending limits, view upcoming reminders and recurring transactions and more. Rather have the old Account Summary back? That's fine too, it's as easy as clicking a link on the Summary page. You can now add transactions from any page without actually leaving the page. This will make it easy to quickly enter your transactions while browsing other parts of the site. The reports have also seen an extensive overhaul. The look of the reports have been greatly improved over the previous version of the site. You can also dynamically compare your spending categories against each other in a new report. We now give you the ability to mass delete transactions by clicking on a checkbox next to each transaction you want removed. If you're a premium member, you can also use this method to mass edit transactions.

If you're curious about how to use some of the new features of the site, check out the tour page. We have some videos that walk you through some of the key features of the site.

The iPhone and iPod touch webapp has also been upgraded and now has the complete set of features the normal site has. You can learn more about the mobile site by going to the mobile page.

There are still a few things we will be slowly launching over the next few weeks. One of the main new features will be the ability to view the site in different languages. We have several people helping to translate the site into various languages and when we receive those back, we will put them up.

We encourage you to check out the site and see all the new features first hand.


The ClearCheckbook Team

Comments for this post:

Help with Mobile Settings...
I use this program to manage several different "accounts"- all are within the same checking account. I use both the mobile and internet versions. I need to see all my "account" balances on the summary page - like the old version. How can I do this on the mobile version? It does me no good to view them account by account and I can't get the dashboard thingy to show all the balances on the mobile version. Thanks for helping!
by karagoodson on Dec 22, 2008
iPhone app please!!!
Mint has done it! Why can't we!
by betapaul on Dec 22, 2008
I love the new site! Great job guys. Now I have to see if I'll use the premium services you're offering. I'm so excited for you guys :).
by Kryptinite on Dec 22, 2008
Awesome job on the new site. It looks great! I can't wait to try out the new features...even if I'll miss some of the old ones. Whatever happened to the Mac OS X widget? I can't seem to get it to work properly since the new update. Is it dead?
by anijhenry on Dec 22, 2008
not so good
now I have to pay 42.00 a year to be able to keep a running balance? old version was better
by blacksheep on Dec 22, 2008
Ugh...unnecessary upgrades...
The old site was much easier on the eyes and simpler to use. I can't even delete a transaction, what the hell?? Looks like I'll be switching to Quicken Mobile. Thanks for ruining a good thing. :-(
by james.enloe on Dec 22, 2008
Adding Transaction - Description.
When I add new transactions, the autofill for the description isn't working correctly. To get it to fill in, I need to make the description different, the drop down doesn't fill in the field. It is leaving it blank.
by Dottiepo on Dec 22, 2008
I got the premium membership because I really wanted the running totals. Works perfectly for my needs. I'm more than willing to pay for this program and now it does everything that I need. Thanks!
by charingrosario on Dec 22, 2008
Responses from ClearCheckbook:
The Account Overviews gadget will list the balances for all of your accounts.

Mint has $18 million dollars in funding. I'm one guy who has a full time job and, until today, made no money from the site other than donations. Please be patient.

We're still working on updating the OSX widget and the iGoogle gadget.

In response to the comment about deleting not working, it does work. there was just a glitch with the upgrade that caused the delete button to be disabled.

This is an IE6 bug only it seems. We are working on fixing it.
by Brandon on Dec 22, 2008
I agree with blacksheep old version was better in look and feel. The main features that i like and used the most in the old version are now gone. i like the old version bar charts for all the categories. The Spending limit has a warning on it "Warning: Division by zero in /var/www/ccbv3/app/views/tool/limit/list.php on line 95"
by jaanb on Dec 22, 2008
checkbot issues?
Has checkbot not been brought back online? Aim keeps giving me the user not logged in message from my mobile device. And when I try to update my checkbot settings, I'm getting a can't contact the database message.
by Rogue1717 on Dec 22, 2008
Old version was simple and clean
As a developer I can appreciate your efforts in upgrading to the latest and greatest. The old site was perfect, and in your eyes I am sure it wasn't. I am sure everyday you saw the things you wanted to implement and worked feverishly to do so.

Functional sites like Craigslist have never been updated. They don't use one bit of AJAX. It's blue links, black text, white background. It's simple and it works. I am in favor of AJAX and found it useful on the old side but this overkill. The new site is cluttered and results in more clicks and shows me less of an overview. I was hoping that this was just first day jitters and I would quickly adapt to the new site.

I am still hoping but I am very concerned that we lost a great thing in favor of premium features and AJAX mania.
by jaxelmizzle on Dec 22, 2008
where is the promised iphone app?
I waited for the stand alone iphone app mentioned in previous posts with baited breath. However, only an updated (i.e., slower and less functional) web app has been released. I may have to switch over to splash money.
by acorsaro on Dec 22, 2008
Great job guys!!!
Don't let any negativity on the blog get you down. I found this site thru a google search very early into it's infancy and I think this new updated site is great!!! You did a great job updating everything and I now have my dashboard set up exactly like I want it and it's working great today. I also use daily on my iphone and it is set as an icon on my iphone home screen. It also works great just as it is supposed to!

Keep up the great work!!!! :)
by mrjlw2480 on Dec 22, 2008
Auto fill
December 22, 2008 by Dottiepo
Adding Transaction - Description.
When I add new transactions, the autofill for the description isn't working correctly. To get it to fill in, I need to make the description different, the drop down doesn't fill in the field. It is leaving it blank.

This is an IE6 bug only it seems. We are working on fixing it.

***Actually the one little bug that dottiepo found is also not working for me and I am using Safari on an Apple Imac. I manually have to type the entry into the field b/c auto fill is not working today after the upgrade.

Other than that...everything is working very well!


by mrjlw2480 on Dec 22, 2008
Bar Chart per Category
New version doesn't have separate bar chart per category as it used to have. This was very useful feature as it allowed me to visualize my expenses, plus I was able to see the actual dollar amount for each month.
Now having all categories shown on one chart is completely useless. It is impossible to differentiate categories, plus there is no way to see the associated $ amounts.
I do not mind paying for the premium version to be able to look at the last year data, but not having this feature with bar charts would be a deal breaker for me.
So, is there a way for you to split the bar chart by the categories again, as in the previous version of the software?
by mirelabk on Dec 22, 2008
Description on the Summary Page
There is no description column on the Summary page, so description is sometimes shown after the "Category" column, but most of the times in the "Date" column, below the actual date. This is making it hart to read. Any chance you could fix this?
by mirelabk on Dec 22, 2008
Mobile problems...
In response to your response... I was asking about the mobile site account summary. The old site showed all account balances on the summary page (mobile) and this one does not. I understand that the web version has a dashboard app but that does us no good on the mobile site. Am I missing something. Please understand that this I pertaining to the mobile version only. Thanks!
by karagoodson on Dec 22, 2008
I think the new site is wonderful. I love the added reports I can get now. It's very helpful to see categories in a cloud form. Even more so in text form. I also *heart* that I can edit the account dashboard and move things anywhere I want them (including what I want my home page to be). Thank you for giving us the option for a Notes gadget on that page. I was hoping for something like that.

And thank you so much for all of your hard work on this new and improved version!
by kittyglampants on Dec 22, 2008
UTF-8 Problem
I used to add transaction in Chinese at the older site. And there's no problem with the UTF-8 input. But when i was so eager to login the new website, all i seeing is error code such as "樹林50嵐熱烏龍ç¶". Should i give up this all old transactions? Hopefully it'll be fixed...
by christol on Dec 22, 2008
you can't please everyone
I want to second the opinion that I sure hope you don't let some of the negative comments here get you down. I think you've done a great job and have worked very hard :) there are always going to be people who liked the old version better and so on, but I, for one, think you are doing a great thing here. take care!
by noodles on Dec 22, 2008
The new site a disappointment. please un-upgrade. and remove new features.
The old site was clean clear and to the point. I will be going back to my Google docs spreadsheet for now. If I wanted all the bells and whistles I would have used Mint or Quicken. This change to the site will force me to create my own site the mirrored the original sites clean interface. It was nice using up till now but regretfully i must go elsewhere now. tanks.
by tsantef on Dec 23, 2008
Great Work + A Little Feedback
This is quite a brilliant update! It's certainly worth the Premium price (which is pretty darn cheap). It even works much better in Safari than the old version.

I have 3 suggestions:

1. On the Dashboard page, allow us to have three columns instead of just two. It seems to be a better use of space. And then....
2. Allow us to have Latest Transactions gadgets for each account we have (or at least 3 accounts). That way we can see an overview of everything at once.
3. Finally, simply put the Delete Transaction button at the top of the Summary page. Currently, it's only at the bottom and I bet some people don't realize it's there

Great work! :)
by DamienW on Dec 23, 2008
Just wanted to let you know what an amazing job you're doing. Your product seems like something that comes from a huge corporation, not just a single programmer (with some helps, of course). I realize there are bugs, but just look at that little company, Microsoft, and see what bugs exist when they first put out anything! You're doing great! I APPRECIATE YOUR HARD WORK AND YOUR PRODUCT!
by fernden on Dec 24, 2008
Merry Christmas!
Thanks, and Happy Holidays.

I have been very happy, and publicly have endorsed your vision. Your efforts are appreciated. You have (and I am grateful for) helped free me of unnecessary, crushing debt – this is NOT an exaggeration.

However the upgrade appears to me to be more cluttered and complicated than need be, just the opposite of what attracted me to site in the first place. I'm not going to go storming off in a huff, but I am disappointed in the direction your service to the financial community seems to be headed. I would like to respectfully request that users be allowed a "V2" version to be available. I am aware that I am, as a free user, entirely at your mercy.

Thanks to YOU Brandon I am indeed enjoying a prosperous, merry holiday and I wish nothing less than the same for you and yours.

by jamesniem on Dec 24, 2008
An improvement, of sorts
The good news - the whole site is pretty damn good, does most things that I need, and technologically it is pretty cutting edge - an impressive job for 1 guy who works full time as well.

The bad news, which I think can be fixed reasonably easily, is from a heueristical user interface perspective.
With a well designed application, you shouldn't need to think too much about where to find the different pages. But V3 just seems quite illogically laid out ... as if the UI was designed by a programmer (which, I guess it was). The expectation then is that the user has a lot of patience (from some blog comments, I think that is not always the case).

If you can marry your technical capabilities with some good UI design - then you will have an awesome killer web application on your hands.

So, overall it seems like 2 steps forward and 1 step back. But, still, that is progress ... and I'm sure there's more to come.
by cnsxxx09 on Dec 24, 2008
Text Report
I think you should be able to toggle on/off individual categories in the text report.
by Jacob Weintraub on Dec 25, 2008
Please bring the old way back, or make it an option in the settings.
by on Dec 26, 2008
I realize I'm a little late in the game... just got done with Christmas and logged into my account to see all of the new changes. Functionality wise, everything seems to be working fine... but man is it ugly now. Visually it's confusing, unintuitive, cluttered and just generally unhelpful. I really miss the way it used to look: simple, sleek and got the job done. I'm all for web 2.0, but this missed the mark and feels like it changed visually for the simple sake of change, instead of improvement. Going to attempt to access it on my iPhone to see if it's any better... if it's more of the same, I may start looking for other alternatives :( :(
by Kyssandra on Dec 28, 2008
Each time I put a in an entry, I get 6 responses telling me that the entry has been deducted from my account. This is bad enough, but then I go into the online version and the account and description memo are blank. This worked very well in the previous version, but it appears to need some additional work. I use Verizon as my wireless carrier if that helps with the mystery. I really want to like the new version, but at least up to this point, I would prefer the previous version because even though it wasn't fancy, it just worked. The same cannot be said for this version.
by healthfit on Jan 7, 2009



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